Packaging South Asia releasing the fourth issue of IndiFoodBev

Food and beverage processing and packaging platform


The IppGroup will be releasing its fourth bi-monthly Food and Beverage Processing and Packaging platform called IndiFoodBev during this week.

IndiFooodBev covers innovations in all areas of the food and beverage sector, including procurement, sorting, storage, processing, packaging, automation, equipment and machinery, logistics, retailing, food safety, and policy matters. This publication aims to grow as a comprehensive source of information for brand owners, suppliers, retailers, and regulatory bodies in the fast-growing food and beverage industry.

The subject headings deliver domain knowledge to segments on topics such as food ingredients, processing, packaging, marketing and design, filling and sealing, active and intelligent packaging, logistics, cold chain, track and trace, import and export, new products, industry news and much more.

The magazine has a sensitive view of the latest challenges such as sustainability, environmental impact, food safety, and food security while covering food and beverages. Our first-hand coverage of national and international events, conferences, workshops makes us the handy repository for the latest news and trends of the industry.

Our coverage of the full food supply chain has started attracting readership on its way to becoming a monthly magazine.

Several thousand IndFoodBev print copies and eMagazines have been distributed to Packaging South Asia subscribers, food and beverage industry influencers, and key professionals amongst brand owners. Distribution has also taken place at several exhibitions in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi, where our approach has been received well.

The IndiFoodBev has its website ( that covers daily updates on innovations and developments in all areas of the food and beverage industry, including processing, packaging, automation, regulations, and policy matters.

If you are interested in advertising and looking for product placements in the coming issue of IndiFoodBev magazine, please contact Shweta Dimiri

In case you want us to feature your story and have interesting content for the issue, please contact Mandeep Kaur,

To subscribe to this magazine and to receive a print copy and eMagazine of this, please email us at and


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