India Pulses and Grains Association to host third National Pulses Seminar on 10 and 11 February 2021

Seminar to also celebrate the World Pulses Day

Third National Pulses Seminar on 10 and 11 February 2021

India Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA), the nodal body for India’s pulses trade and industry, will be hosting the third National Pulses Seminar on 10 and 11 February 2021, to coincide with the 5th World Pulses Day, which will be celebrated on 10 February.

IPGA, owing to the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic, will be conducting the entire seminar virtually and inviting domestic and international trade stakeholders of the pulses industry to participate in the 2-day seminar. Apart from the stakeholders from the trade value chain, IPGA is also inviting all farmer producer organizations (FPOs) and agricultural universities in India to participate in the seminar. IPGA has decided to extend the registration to all participants free of cost.

Jitu Bheda, chairman – IPGA, speaking about the seminar, said, “IPGA has now become India’s leading think tank and knowledge hub on the pulses and grains industry. After the success of the Pulses Conclave and the IPGA Knowledge Series, we are now preparing to host the National Pulses Seminar in 2021. The seminar will feature eminent speakers and domain experts who will discuss in-depth and explore topics of critical interest to the pulses sector in India and the world at large.”

The seminar will have domain experts from health and nutrition, technology, trade, economics and public policy, scientific research, meteorology, industry, broadly covering the topics – health benefits of pulses and their contribution to public health and nutritional security; agriculture sector reforms introduced in 2020 and their impact on domestic pulses production and industry; overview of the entire crop year, especially the current rabi crop; weather expectations for the forthcoming Kharif season in 2021-22; product panels featuring pigeon peas, urad, moong, masoor, desi, and kabuli chana, peas and beans; and technological advances, research, and new opportunities in the pulses sector.

Bimal Kothari, vice chairman – IPGA, speaking about the seminar, said, “The Government of India has earmarked the pulses sector as a priority sector and announced a series of path-breaking reforms in the agri-marketing space including enhanced marketing freedom for farmers. However, the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic has caused an imbalance in the entire value chain. The Covid pandemic will be almost a year old by February, and all value chain participants have worked hard to try and restore the balance to ensure there is no shortage of food grains. The seminar will not only take a closer look at the effects of the pandemic but also at the new opportunities it has created and the options available to trade stakeholders to diversify in their existing businesses.”

Pravin Dongre, founder-director – IPGA, speaking about the seminar, said, “We have taken a conscious decision to invite farmer producer organizations and agricultural universities to participate in the seminar. We believe that the panel discussions on individual pulses covering production and price outlooks in overseas origin will help Indian farmers get a better perspective of the global trade and also possible explore export opportunities apart from the prices they can expect from the domestic markets. We have also arranged for a live English to Hindi translation service to give the participants the option to listen in a language of their choice and convenience.”

The National Pulses Seminar has a strong precedence in IPGA’s “The Pulses Conclave,” one of the world’s largest conferences of the Pulses sector held every two years, and “The IPGA Knowledge Series,” a series of monthly webinars launched in August 2020.

While the Conclave over the last five editions have had an average attendance of close to 1000 delegates, The Knowledge Series webinars have received an overwhelming response with an average attendance of around 900 participants for each webinar from India and overseas. Since the seminar will be held virtually, IPGA expects over 1500 delegates from the entire pulses value chain from India and overseas to participate and attend.

The National Pulses Seminar to celebrate the 5th World Pulses Day will include sessions on the fundamental role of pulses in health, nutrition, and nutritional security and explore various dimensions and avenues of enhancing the nutritional value of pulses. IPGA will be inviting noted nutritionists, medical professionals, dieticians to speak about the benefits of Pulses and their contribution to nutritional security.

India Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA), the nodal body for pulses and grains trade and industry in India, has over 400 direct and indirect members, which include individuals, corporates as well as regional pulses traders and processors associations taking its pan-India reach to over 10,000 stakeholders involved in the farming, processing, warehousing and import business of pulses across the entire value chain.

IPGA’s vision is to make Indian pulses and grains industry and trade globally competitive; and, in so doing, help advance India’s food and nutrition security. IPGA takes the onus of essaying a leadership role in the domestic agri-business and play a more proactive role in the global domain to foster healthy relations among Indian market participants and between India and all associates overseas.


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