Ecolean’s aseptic solutions support the first company in Indonesia

SoGoodFood receives Class A aseptic certificate


The global packaging supplier, Ecolean, recently received one more proof pointing to the high standards of their unique aseptic, lightweight packaging. The Indonesian customer SoGoodFood becomes the first company in the country to receive the Class A certificate in the Aseptic category.

The National Agency of Drug and Food Control in the Republic of Indonesia recognized food and beverage manufacturer SoGoodFood’s products consisting of Flavoured UHT milk drinks in Ecolean’s lightweight packages as Class A in the Aseptic category – the first company in Indonesia to receive this highly respected certificate. The final result is heavily supported by the high standards of Ecolean packaging’s sterility test results, leading to the agency wanting more information on the benefits of the aseptic packages relating to food safety and sterilization methods.

”When we launched our first aseptic packaging solution for ambient distribution in 2008, we were one of the first packaging suppliers to use e-beam technology as a sterilization method. This ensures that food contact surfaces are never exposed to any chemicals during the production or filling. It was groundbreaking at that time, and we are still leading this development,” says Paul Mellbin, senior advisor, Ambient Technology, Ecolean Group.

During February, Paul Mellbin and local Ecolean representative Doni Kurniadi held an introduction to Ecolean Aseptic Technology at the National Agency of Drug and Food Control in the Republic of Indonesia. “The National Agency of Drug and Food Control was delighted to obtain an even deeper knowledge of our unique aseptic technology using e-beam since this was new information for them,” explains Kurniadi, Ecolean Indonesia. He continues, “It’s nice to hear that SoGoodFood, has become the first company in Indonesia receiving the Class A certificate for Aseptic category. We work in partnerships with our customers and celebrate their success.”


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