Systech’s improved water vapor permeation analyzer ‘Lyssy L80-6000’

Precise & reliable testing for packaging and non-woven materials

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Enhanced water vapor permeability analyzer enables precise, reliable testing for packaging and non-wovens materials manufacturers. Systech Illinois

Systech Illinois, a global brand of moisture and oxygen analyzers and part of the Industrial Physics Product Integrity segment, announced the latest generation of its proven Lyssy L80 water vapor permeation analyzers. The Lyssy L80-6000 claims to offer cost-effective, high accuracy testing for manufacturers of packaging films and high permeability fabrics and non-wovens.

Systech Illinois is the marketing name for sister companies, Systech Instruments in the UK, and Illinois Instruments in the US. Systech Illinois manufactures high sensitivity, trace oxygen and moisture sensors and systems for measuring gas transfer rates in packaging materials, modified atmosphere gas detection, and analysis and process gas applications. As an industry-standard throughout the world, Systech Illinois offers high sensitivity and repeatable test systems to meet the needs of plastic, food, pharmaceutical, medical, and industrial clients.

The L80-6000 features a new 5.7-inch touchscreen display and intuitive interface for ease of use, automated sample clamping for test consistency, and computer-controlled and programmable test parameters to eliminate differences caused by operator input. Due to its high accuracy and wide measuring range, the L80-6000 can advance higher quality production in applications like surgical and hygienic membranes, wound dressing, diaper materials, and construction membranes. The state-of-the-art humidity sensor is located directly in the measuring chamber. Since no carrier gas or extractive measuring technique is used, it claims to offer the best reproduction of real-life conditions.

The L80-6000 alternates quickly and easily between low and high permeability measurements. The built-in temperature control eliminates the need for an external control unit. In addition, the preparation of a sample for the L80-6000 is accomplished in minutes with Systech Illinois’ self-adhesive sample cards; no grease or glue is required, according to Systech.

Enhanced water vapor permeability analyzer

“The L80 series of analyzers have been used successfully for decades around the world. The Lyssy L80-6000 provides the same reliable and cost-effective water vapor permeability testing in an enhanced, modern system,” said Alan Shema, director of Global Sales for Industrial Physics Product Integrity segment. “It offers a high degree of automation to ensure lab productivity without sacrificing quality and accuracy.”

Systech Illinois is a global brand of moisture, gas, and oxygen analyzers and has been providing products and technical solutions for more than 30 years. The latest addition Lyssy L80-6000 complies with the ASTM E378 and EDANA NWSP 070.6.R0 (20) standards.


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