Webinar on bringing sustainability and innovation in food packaging post lockdown 4.0

Brand owners to speak on sustainability and innovation

Experts from Nestle, Parle, ITC, PepsiCo, Haldiram to speak on sustainability & innovation in food packaging. Photo - PackPlus

PackPlus has organized a webinar to address food safety concerns and an approach to staying ahead of the curve by adopting innovative yet sustainable packaging for FMCG, food and beverages. The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing new challenges among businesses and pushing them to innovate and adopt flexible and sustainable food packaging solutions.

The webinar’s topic is ‘A great debate on bringing sustainability and innovation in food packaging post lockdown 4.0’. The expert panelists will include Ramesh Ramchandran, associate director – Food packaging sustainability – R&D, AMESA & APAC, PepsiCo; Ashok Tyagi, executive director, Haldiram’s; S N Venkatraman, divisional marketing head, ITC; Barun Banerjee, head of packaging, Nestle India; Amitabh Tewari, vice president – R&D and quality control, Parle India; Akshay Kanoria, executive director, TCPL Packaging; and Rhea Muzumdar Singhal, founder, Ecoware. The session will be moderated by Anand Ramanathan, Partner, Deloitte India.

These panelists will be sharing insights on underlining the food safety and contamination risk involved in food packaging, reshaping the food packaging industry while keeping sustainability in the front seat and transformation through packaging innovation, while being compliant to the pandemic situation.

Join this free-to-attend webinar on 22 May 2020 at 11:00 AM. Click here for registration.


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