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Indifoodbev is a bi-monthly B2B publication from Delhi NCR based IPP Catalog Publications Pvt Ltd. IPP Catalog publishes two monthly trade magazines – Indian Printer & Publisher since 1979 and Packaging South Asia since 2013.

The Indian food and beverage industry ranks as its fifth-largest manufacturing sector. Many factors are responsible for this exponential growth including change in lifestyle, working population, health and consumer awareness and many more. These strong demand drivers and new technologies not only create value for food processing companies, but they also help them to innovate great tasting, safe and quality foods as per consumers’ expectations. In the food and beverage segment, India stands out as the largest diversified production base in segments such as dairy, fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, spices, fish and plantation crops.

The Indian economy is one of the fastest-growing in the world, therefore making it a suitable business case for increased investments by the global food and beverage industry. In the coming years, the adoption of food safety and quality assurance mechanisms by the food and beverage processing industry will offer several benefits. It would enable the industry to adhere to stringent quality and hygiene norms and thereby protect consumer health and prepare the industry to face global competition.

Indifoodbev covers innovations in all areas of the food and beverage sector including procurement, sorting, storage, processing, packaging, automation, equipment and machinery, logistics, retailing, food safety, and policy matters. This publication aims to grow as a comprehensive source of information for brand owners, suppliers, retailers and regulatory bodies in the fast-growing food and beverage industry.

The subject headings deliver domain knowledge to segments on topics such as new products, marketing and design, filling and sealing, active and intelligent packaging, logistics, cold chain, track and trace, import and export and much more.

The magazine has a sensitive view towards the latest challenges such as sustainability, environmental impact, food safety, and food security while covering food and beverages. Our first-hand coverage of national and international events, conferences, workshops makes us the handy repository for the latest news and trends of the industry.

With an initial print circulation of 2000 copies of IndiFoodBev, we hope to reach an average circulation of 3500 print copies by April 2020. An additional 2000 copies of the eMagazine version of IndiFoodBev is being distributed to influencers and key professionals amongst brand owners. Linked to our website, a weekly eMail newsletter is also being sent to grow the readership among brand owners, product managers and developers, industry researchers, machinery manufacturers, marketing experts, retailers, product and raw material buyers and suppliers and academicians. Available on subscription, the magazine aims to provide a platform to connect with the food and beverage industry.

The B2B magazine is posted on the 10th of every alternate month. Moreover, its website is updated every day and a weekly newsletter goes out on Saturday. Web analytics, SEO and social media are increasingly gaining traction on our multi-channel platform.

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