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Monday, September 25, 2023

Technology and Innovation

Any kind of new technology or innovation which allow food producers to modify and process food with minimal damage to the foodstuffs. This involves extraction, separation, component modification, process intensification focusing on latest developments in new and novel non-thermal processing technologies, and automation


Smart trackers for real-time info of fruits in supply chain

Queensland fruit producer Piñata Farms is using innovative Australian-designed Escavox technology to track the temperature and location of premium berries and mangoes along the supply chain, giving it valuable data for optimizing delivery, according...

Bühler and IKAWA partner to explore innovation in roasting

IKAWA, the innovative British coffee roaster creator and Bühler have begun a partnership focused on innovation in the gap between micro and medium- to large-scale coffee roasting. The strategic partnership aims to explore the...

Packaging warns of contamination before food is unwrapped

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada have created a new packaging tray that can signal when Salmonella or other dangerous pathogens are present in packages of raw or cooked food such as chicken, Packaging...

Mettler-Toledo’s smart inspection technologies at ANUTEC 2023 

Mettler-Toledo's product inspection division will showcase its smart product inspection technologies based on its theme of 'Boost Your Productivity' at ANUTEC 2023, India’s largest international exhibition for the food processing and packaging industry in...

Newer tech and awareness can help tackle fake products 

If Day 1 of the 5th Traceability and Authentication Forum 2023 conference in New Delhi gave an overview of the counterfeiting landscape in India, on Day 2 the experts discussed in detail the problems...

Track and trace can help prevent counterfeit products

The threat posed by counterfeit products and how to deal with it was the key focus of the fifth Traceability and Authentication Forum organized by the Authentication Solution Provider's Association (ASPA) and Messe Frankfurt...

How BL Agro leverages automation for better productivity

Continuous improvement and innovation in both product development and machinery is the key to staying relevant in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector for the long haul, according to Ashish Khandelwal, managing director of...

Plastic has immense potential if used properly: Huhtamaki’s Rahul Nene

Think plastic and the first image that comes to the mind is heaps of garbage, full of plastic refuse. Rahul Nene, the sustainability head of Huhtamaki India, however, feels that plastic is much beyond...

5 everyday sustainable items you can switch to this summer

In our second year of recovery from the pandemic, things seem to be getting back to normal. However, the focus is on sustainability as we look to reduce our environmental footprint in an effort...

Drives for speed in intralogistics

Suitable transport structures in intralogistics are a prerequisite in all industries in order to be able to withstand competitive pressure in the future. An increasing number of work steps involved in storing items in...
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