Friday, July 10, 2020
Responsible Whatr

Responsible Whatr launches spring water beverage in aluminum cans

Keeping up with India's sustainable development goals, Fabonest Food and Beverages unveiled natural spring water beverage in sustainable and endlessly recyclable aluminum cans, Responsible Whatr. According to the company, Responsible Whatr offers water directly sourced...

Mother Dairy launches Rocket ice cream chocolate

Making an entry into the new category of ice cream chocolates, Mother Dairy a leading dairy player in India, introduced brand Rocket, with two exciting flavors of French Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate. With this...
Mother's Recipe

Mother’s Recipe launches a Pani Puri Chutney mix

Rainy season is here and so is the craving for chaat and Pani Puri! And with the rains, Indians loves snacking on street food and savor the delicious chutneys served with it. However, often...

Snickers expresses gratitude to the frontline workers

When everything shut down, they kept us running. While the world kept changing, their efforts remained unchanged. From long working hours to risking their own health to maintain ours, they worked relentlessly to keep...

Kent launches countertop vegetable & fruit disinfectant

During the journey from farm to consumer, fruits and vegetables are handled by multiple people and usually displayed in the open in markets. As a result, they could be contaminated with microbes, soil, dirt,...
Innoket Neo

KHS introduces Innoket Neo Flex modular labeling machine

More and more customers are asking for modular systems and solutions. The KHS Group is thus systematically restructuring its engineering portfolio – also as regards labeling technology. Its prime move is the addition of...
Digital packaging

Unwrapping opportunities of digital packaging

An effective package tells a story, creates an emotional engagement with consumers to deepen their connection to a brand. While digital packaging is still a relatively new phenomenon, we see more and more packaging...

Tendercuts’ demand grows three times amid Covid-19

Chennai-based Tendercuts is a tech-driven omnichannel fresh meat and seafood company. The company sets a new benchmark in the fresh-cut meats industry, with a diverse application of food technology to the selection, processing, preservation,...

The May 2020 business inflation expectation survey of IIM Ahmedabad

The following is a summary of the business inflation expectation survey (BIES) of May 2020, which has been regularly done by the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad since May 2017, currently with around 1300...
Marchesini Group

Marchesini Group & Bolonga University collaborate to create filtering material for masks

Technology created by a multidisciplinary research group at Bologna University in collaboration with Marchesini Group, enables the production of filtration materials for face masks with greater protection against viruses and bacteria compared to materials...
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