Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Nichrome MAP

Nichrome displays rotary tray MAP sealing machine at IIDE 2022 Mumbai

Pune-based packaging machinery manufacturer Nichrome demonstrated its rotary tray sealing machine at the India International Dairy Expo 2022 held from 13-15 April at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. The machine enables the use...

MCP-200 mini-capacitance probe

The MCP-200 mini-capacitance probe is a compact sensor for light solids and powders and detects when there is a change in capacitance caused by the presence or absence of material using the difference or...
Selfly Store, a company owned by Stora Enso, has launched a new intelligent three cabinet series suitable for different end uses

Selfly Store launches a new intelligent cabinet series

Selfly Store, a Finnish company, owned by Stora Enso, expands its range of RFID-enabled micro-stores designed for contactless on-the-go purchasing. Selfly Store enables hotels, offices, and other venues to offer meals and snacks cost-efficiently...
Cropin AI helps agriculture

AI labs being set up by Cropin

AI technology has been used to set up these labs by Cropin, an agritech firm, to facilitate predictive intelligence to every cultivated land across the globe. The pioneer of agriculture technology, Cropin is building the...
Cashew wine

Cashew apple to bring out the taste of wine

Cashew apple is the residue left from rural farming in the cashew nut industry. To prevent this loss, professor Prasanna BD from the division of Chemical Engineering in the NIT Karnataka based in Mangalore...

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