Thursday, September 24, 2020

Mandeep Kaur

Mandeep Kaur
Technical Editor - Mandeep Kaur is working with IPP Group and holding editorial responsibilities for the IndiFoodBev and PSA Healthcare platforms. Earlier she handled editorial responsibilities of food, beverage, and agriculture publications at another publisher. A gold-medalist in M Tech (Food Technology), she has hands-on experience in operating different types of instruments related to physico-chemical testing of grains and flour. She has worked at Evalueserve in the Intellectual Property (IP) division for more than three years handling projects in the life sciences domain.

Bry-Air – creating industrial environments

Gurugram headquartered, Bry-Air is a flagship company of the Pahwa Group. A leader in dehumidification, the company offers solutions for humidity control, plastic drying, gas phase filtration, and air-treatment critical to sectors such as...

Food startups struggle for survival amid Covid-19

When the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown pushed most businesses to a grinding halt, food startups were no exception. The prolonged lockdown is making a way to ‘Unlock 1.0,’ but the struggle of...

Covid-19 vaccine – When will we have it?

The recognized Covid-19 cases have surpassed 6.3 million globally and continue to grow. While the world is eagerly waiting for the coronavirus vaccine, research and clinical trials are going on at a fast pace...
Kumar Labels

Kumar Labels’ continuous alcobev innovations

According to a recent study by Package Insight, labels stimulate consumer attention to buy new products. Exciting label design trends have penetrated every corner of the food and beverage market. Moreover, brands are exploring...

New normal brings opportunities for packaging innovations

While the negative consequences of the Covid-19 crisis are clear, times of extreme uncertainty can also be windows of opportunity, if juxtaposed with innovation. However, in leadership positions, the question remains – What is...

Covid-19 vaccine update – Where are we?

As of 24 May, the Covid-19 cases worldwide have surpassed 5.4 million and continue to grow. Global agencies such as WHO and countries have teamed up to develop vaccines and treatments to slow down...

Rockwell’s solutions improve productivity

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed industries to innovate like never before. Companies that were slow to adopt automation technologies in their business processes are now recognizing these as a way to cut costs and...

India’s online grocery biz in COVID-19 lockdown

Surges in demand, disruptions in supply chains, customer behavior changes, store closures, and more, amid the coronavirus crisis, have undoubtedly impacted various businesses. As the pandemic lockdown confines us to our homes, only a...

Whey protein -A valuable ingredient for the food industry

Whey is a byproduct of cheese making process often considered a waste in the dairy industry. However, technological advancements in the food processing industry have given a new meaning to whey. Whey protein fraction...
Dynamech Engineers

Dynamech Engineers offers complete snack solutions

Madhya Pradesh based, Dynamech Engineers is a manufacturer and exporter of traditional Indian snack-making machines and chip-making machines. Manohar Mirchandani, a mechanical engineer, started the company in 1985. He envisioned the development of more...
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