Naturex’s natural red solutions for meat analogs!

Let nature color your imagination

Endless shades, naturally. Photo - Naturex

The number of consumers moving towards vegetarian and vegan alternatives is growing, and plant-based products see unprecedented growth. When mimicking burger patties, consumers expect the product to have the same visual and organoleptic properties as real beef. Naturex, a part of Givaudan, can offer such solutions.

Naturex is a botanicals company that produces and sells plant extracts to the food industry for flavoring, coloring, or preservative purposes. The company is based in Avignon, France, with offices and production facilities across Europe and the United States, Canada, Brazil, Morocco, and India.

With over 25 years of experience in the plant world, Naturex extends the realm of possibilities by leveraging its sourcing network to access a wide variety of raw materials. The company’s botanical expertise across several markets and its global processing capabilities, according to Naturex, allow it to create unique, high-performance natural colors that benefit from a full array of plant properties.

Mimic raw beef in plant-based burger patties with VegeBrite Veggie Reds

Nature offers a full palette of bright and vibrant colors. According to Naturex, combined with a pinch of imagination, natural colors can be transformed into many creative and effective solutions. With its innovative solutions, the company creates an entirely natural and clean plant-based patty that looks just like real meat with Vegebrite Veggie Reds, natural solutions made with several plant extracts. The popular natural color trends include:

Veggie reds & browns – These natural color solutions are ideal for mimicking raw beef red and brown cooked meat in plant-based burger patties.

VegeBrite Golden Yellow – Derived from a carrot extract, our VegeBrite Golden Yellow is a yellow coloring foodstuff, an alternative to Beta Carotene for clean label dairy and bakery products.

VegeBrite Ultimate Spirulina – Naturex claims that its Spirulina extract is 100% nature-derived, gently processed, and trehalose-free, allowing consumer-friendly labels. It is available in many shades of blues and greens, and many formats and concentrations to best fit your needs.

To ensure compliance, it is recommended that manufacturers contact Naturex to check local regulatory requirements for each application, including labeling and conditions of use. For optimal performance in application, the company recommends testing the product in industrial conditions.

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