Syntegon presents innovative packaging solutions

Bars and crackers go virtual at online event from 25 February to 3 March

Syntegon cracker system
The cracker system by Syntegon features particularly gentle handling and hygienic design with a small footprint.

Two virtual events at Syntegon’s Swiss site in Beringen from 25 February to 3 March will facilitate customer exchange during the ongoing pandemic. Working in close cooperation with customers is a top priority for Syntegon Technology. The events focus on innovative packaging systems for bar production and Syntegon’s expertise in safe and reliable cracker handling.

“We not only want to show our customers our future-proof solutions; we also would like to foster a dialog,” explains Bruno Oberle, vice president of product group horizontal packaging systems. The online event concept includes live machine demonstrations and expert discussions on trending topics in the food industry, including sustainability, flexibility, and hygienic design. “Small and exclusive event sessions offer customers the opportunity to ask questions, address their needs and challenges, and discuss them with our experts.”

Live from the shop floor to the (home) desk

The exclusive ‘Chocolate & Bar Show’ starts on February 25 and 26, where Syntegon presents a system for primary and secondary packaging of bars. After the bars have been formed, dried, and cut, the new Sigpack DCIE discharge station gently arranges them crosswise and distributes the bars onto the packaging leg.

A 3D quality check is performed to remove products with low quality from the packaging process. The innovative FIT product feeder transports the bars reliably and efficiently thanks to intelligent linear motor technology in the next step. This solution has already been successfully implemented 100 times in the market. The bars are cold-sealed and wrapped in a paper using the paper-ON-form module in the Sigpack HRM flow-wrapping machine. The primary packaged bars are then put into the correct position via the new PFI infeed and are fed into the integrated Sigpack TTM2 topload cartoner.

Reliable packaging of cookies and crackers

The “Cookie & Cracker Show” on March 2 and 3 will present a flexible high-speed system for the reliable handling and packaging of crackers. The solution features particularly gentle handling and a hygienic design with a small footprint.

Crackers syntegon gentle handling
The crackers are reliably processed and packaged. The solution features particularly gentle handling and hygienic design

Thanks to the flexible configuration, different shapes can also be optimally processed on the line. Crackers are grouped at speeds of up to 400 slugs per minute.

The HCS flow-wrapping machine with fully automated new AHS heat-sealing technology enables extended sealing times and ensures tighter packages for a longer product shelf life. Customers have the option to switch between mono and multilayer films. Moreover, the system can be changed from short to long slugs within ten minutes, providing maximum flexibility.

Virtual exchange on trending topics

Syntegon also uses the virtual event for an active exchange with customers.The focus is on current trends and challenges.

Syntegon crackers machine
The system for primary and secondary packaging of bars features amongst others the new Sigpack DCIE discharge station and the innovative FIT product feeder.

“These include, for example, technologies such as linear drive, 3D vision inspection, and sustainable solutions such as paper or mono-material packaging,” says Oberle. “We want to understand our customers and their needs thoroughly. Last year we began running digital factory acceptance tests, which were very well received. We want to build on this and further intensify global partnerships despite limited travel opportunities.”

Smart Packaging Solutions Virtual Congress -19 March 2021

The Smart Packaging Solutions for India and South Asia Virtual Congress on 19 March focuses on food and pharma supply chains, brand security, and sustainability. Organized jointly by IPPStar and the AIPIA, the virtual congress’s topics include brand authentication, condition monitoring, and active and intelligent packaging that contributes to the safe delivery of authenticated products leading to safety, security, and customer engagement. Please look at the agenda of the conference here, and for registration, please click here. You can also email Ruchi at or Umesh at Call us in Noida at 120-4546988 or 4326053 – Umesh at Xtension 30; Ruchi at Xtension 33; Gaurav at Xtension 23; and Mohit at Xtension 25.

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