Gadre exhibits packaged food range at IISS 2023

Ratnagiri company plans a new plant at Balasore in Odhisa

Vaibhav M Damale, senior manager of logistics and fish meal sales

Gadre, a Ratnagiri-based food processing company, exhibited its range of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook packaged food at the 23rd edition of the India International Seafood Show (IISS), held from 15 to 17 February 2023 at Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan, Kolkata.

Gadre, which claims to be the first Surimi manufacturer in India, set up its first factory in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri in 1974, manufacturing processed and packaged seafood. Surimi is an edible paste made from processed meat or seafood, and commonly used in east Asian cuisine.

After setting up the Surimi manufacturing plant in 1997, Gadre expanded continuously — producing high-nutrition, quality, fresh frozen, and ready-to-make seafood, the company officials said.

Vaibhav M Damale, senior manager of logistics and fish meal sales, said the company has processing plants in Maharashtra, Chorwad in Gujarat, Mangalore in Karnataka, and looks forward to setting up a new plant at Balasore in Odhisa in the near future.

The four-decade-old company exports to the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asian countries, including Japan. “In this exhibition, we were looking to expand our export database. The pandemic disturbed the supply and distribution chain on many levels, our participation was solely aimed towards recovery and exploring more avenues that can impact our business, and vice versa,” Damale adds.

Gadre’s range of products includes ready-to-fry fish fingers, crab claw, fish seekh kebab, lobster bites, ready-to-cook prawn masala, Goan prawn curry, prawn gassi, masala mackerel, ready-to-eat crab sticks and other assorted seafood products.


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