Flavors of India in Impact Mints’ Doodle Edition tin packs

Capturing the essence of India's diverse & vibrant cultural tapestry

Impact Mints
Impact Mints’ 14-gram Doodle Edition tin packs are available in three sugar-free flavors – spearmint, peppermint, and strong peppermint

Impact Mints recently introduced Doodle Edition tin packs in three sugar-free flavors – spearmint, peppermint, and strong peppermint. The collector’s edition tin packs feature artwork by popular illustrator Neha Sharma, also known as Neha Doodles, in the 14-gram sugar-free mint packs priced at Rs 120 per tin pack.

Building on its existing collection of solid-colored Fruity and Classic Mints, the company embarked on a new design direction for this collection. The colors chosen by the illustrator, Neha Doodles, were based on her existing color style which is vibrant and quirky. The colorful approach aims to portray the fun and young personality of the brand as well as the illustrator.

Doodling, a fascinating element of art and culture, has a rich history with diverse forms of expression, Ayush Dugar, marketing head, Impact Mints said. “Today, it’s experiencing a modern renaissance through digital art, transforming into captivating illustrations, bold graffiti, and other imaginative creations. This evolution allows artists to explore new frontiers of creativity, pushing the boundaries of what doodling can be in the digital age,” he said.

Neha Sharma, with whom the brand collaborated for this collection, is popularly known for her doodles. Impact Mints entrusted her with the primary design responsibility, Dugar said, adding that the shared vision was to infuse the packaging with an Indian touch, but with an undeniably cute and endearing aesthetic.

“Through extensive brainstorming and in-depth discussions, we arrived at the concept of incorporating iconic Indian monuments, traditional folk elements (such as an Indian man playing the tabla), and beloved Indian animals. The elephant doodle has been kept uniform across all designs to bind the collection together,” he said. This approach aimed to capture the essence of India’s diverse and vibrant cultural tapestry, showcasing its rich heritage in a charming and approachable manner, he said.

Impact Mints
Impact Mints’ 14-gram Doodle Edition tin packs are available in three sugar-free flavors – spearmint, peppermint, and strong peppermint

The design specifically targeted creative individuals immersed in the world of digital art, illustration, and digital artistry, primarily residing in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Dugar said the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with a flood of enthusiastic feedback. “Consumers found the packaging irresistibly adorable and charming while many considered the product a collectible item, adding to its desirability. The tins have inspired a multitude of creative reuses such as DIY color palettes for artists, unique home decor accents, and storage solutions for small items like pins,” Dugar said.

The packaging design itself evokes a distinct Indian aesthetic, which customers find incredibly pleasing, he told Packaging South Asia. “Beyond their use as artist palettes, the compact size makes them ideal for slipping into pockets or purses, allowing for convenient portability and integration into daily life. This adaptability speaks to the design’s inherent lifestyle element, seamlessly blending functionality with cultural appeal, Dugar added.

This widespread appreciation highlights the design’s resonance with the target demographic, demonstrating its ability to spark joy and inspire creativity, he said, adding that it also showcases the product’s potential to become a cherished item with a life beyond its initial use.

Embracing change is essential for continued growth, Dugar asserted, adding that while the initial focus was on a niche audience, they recognized the importance of expanding reach within specific domains. “To explore broader appeal and gauge responses from diverse communities, we have ventured into special editions such as the FIFA Edition, Cricket Edition, and India Edition. These targeted campaigns allowed us to connect with fans and enthusiasts in different areas, gaining valuable insights into their preferences and expanding our brand’s presence in various markets,” he shared.

Impact Mints
Impact Mints’ 14-gram Doodle Edition tin packs are available in three sugar-free flavors – spearmint, peppermint, and strong peppermint

As a D2C (direct-to-consumer) company, Impact Mints strategically targeted its audience through major social media platforms, leveraging paid ads and engaging giveaways. The brand awareness campaigns were primarily focused on Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, where we identified our core customer base. To further amplify its reach, Impact Mints implemented targeted mailer campaigns and participated in the Aahar 2024 exhibition, providing an offline platform to showcase the Neha Edition and interact directly with potential customers.

“In our paid ad campaigns, we employed a multi-faceted approach, targeting custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and broad audiences to maximize our brand’s visibility and reach. We remain committed to expanding our reach and are actively developing additional marketing campaigns to engage a wider audience. These initiatives will aim to further strengthen our brand’s presence across various channels and demographics, ensuring that we continue to connect with and delight our customers in innovative ways,” Dugar concluded.

Impact Mints is a brand of Dugar Overseas Private Limited – a niche player in the Indian imported foods industry with expertise in confectionery manufacturing.


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