Boix’ machinery for fruit export corrugated boxes

Seven orders for machines at IndiaCorr Expo in Noida

Sandip Mahajan (L) and Vivek Padave (R) at the Boix stall at IndiaCorr Expo 2021. Photo IFB

Fruit packaging requires the utmost care due to the fragile and perishable nature of the product. When it comes to rigid transport packaging for fruit, corrugated fiberboard (CFB) is the most sustainable option that comes to mind. Corrugated boxes have recently acquired a mass following among fruit exporters due to their improved suitability for air, sea, and road transport. 

While great damage can be inflicted on fruit transported over rough terrain in vehicles ill-suited for this fragile produce, corrugated box manufacturers should make it a point to ensure good shock absorption capacity of boxes to reduce impact bruising, spoilage, and physical damage. 

Fresh fruits are prone to damage through crushing, splitting, scratching, and other damage during storage and transportation. Stacking strength plays a major role in corrugated box packaging for fruit as it is directly proportional to fruit safety during transit. To avoid such scarring and damage, corrugated box manufacturers should make sure that fruit boxes are stable under pressures caused by stacking and from fruits rubbing against each other or the sides of the containerboard resulting in scuffing.

Boix comes to the rescue of Indian fruit exporters

Carton erecting and cartoning machines are employed to erect, fill and close side seamed corrugated boxes. Boix Machinery India is gaining popularity in the state of Maharashtra state erecting machines for food cartons. Boix also has technology for RSA and SSA boxes and other technology useful in fruit export to help avoid arrival rejection. The company has had over 100 installations in India for fruit exporters. Of these, 60 installations are in Nashik, 20 in the Pune, Sangli and Solapur area; 10 installations in Mumbai, and 5 installations in the Delhi-NCR region.

Boix corrugated box for packaging of cherries. Photo PSA

Boix Machinery participated for the fourth time in the recently concluded IndiaCorr Expo. The company remained resilient in the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown period. Sandip Mahajan, the company’s India country manager, expresses his views on the effect of the global crisis on its business, “We have only been able to support and sell our machines to exporters. We have invested the extra time on our hands in product development. We have tried to improve the stacking strength of our specialized corrugated boxes for fruit exports to reduce the rejection of fruits on arrival due to bruising. Due to our column strength and stacking strength technology, fruit exporters can avoid such damage.”

Entry to pharma packaging planned

Boix has specialization in the design and manufacture of industrialized machinery for forming, gluing, and closing corrugated board boxes for the niche agricultural sector along with applications in food and industrial segments. Over the past 45 years, it has sold machines in over 80 countries. The company is now looking to strengthen its presence outside Maharashtra state by expanding to other relevant regions in the country. It is also planning to move into the pharmaceutical packaging market shortly.

Boix has recently developed tree erecting technology for enhanced column strength of corrugated boxes for stacking to avoid spoilage of fruit during storing and movement. The company received orders for seven machines at IndiaCorr Expo and is looking to close at least twelve deals after the event.


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