Kuraray’s EVAL for food packaging industry

Exceptional barrier properties for recycled paperboard

(L-R) Sachin Gangal, Anita Gangal and Ashish Wadhwa

Global specialty chemicals company Kuraray’s EVAL mainly finds applications in food packaging in India. EVAL is the brand name for EVOH (Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer), which provides a functional barrier against substances migrating from recycled paperboard due to its exceptional barrier properties. EVAL enhances the shelf life of food products, Sachin Gangal, Kuraray’s agent for EVAL resin, told Packaging South Asia at the recent PaperEx exhibition in Greater Noida.

Kuraray has a nearly 100% market share in India as the company started early and did a lot of research on market and application development. Due to its long presence in the Indian market, the company has developed strong connections with several multinationals and brand owners, Gangal said. He looks after sales owing to his technical background in polymers.

“With sustainability taking center stage, people have become aware of the use of plastics. However, we cannot do away with plastics completely. All European norms say that if EVOH’s share in a structure is less than 5%, it is considered 100% recyclable. No other barrier material such as polyester or nylon enjoys that kind of certification,” Gangal said. He said the future seems very interesting with everyone talking about sustainability and recycling.


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