Surat’s Mantone Printpack adds Bobst Ambition 106 folder-gluer

A commercial printer successfully diversifies into carton packaging

The Bobst Ambition 106 A2 folder-gluer. Photo Bobst

Surat-based Mantone Printpack has achieved great efficiency and speed in its carton production and converting process in the past year or so with the addition of a Bobst Ambition 106 A2 folder-gluer, Ramesh Jain, a partner in the company, said.

“It was about one year ago that we commissioned the Ambition 106 A2 folder-gluer. This was our first folder-gluer and we wanted to get the best technology possible, to produce more in less time, and so we bought the Bobst folder gluer. The folder-gluer can process four and six corner cartons, including various other complex designs that we can process with able guidance from Bobst. The machine is equipped at the end with a collection table, Handypack, which enables us to run it much faster with less manpower, thus further increasing efficiency. The fully loaded machine has substantially enhanced the efficiency of our carton production line,” Jain says.

Mantone is a subsidiary company of Jain Offset, a three-decade-old business that till about a couple of years ago was doing only commercial printing work. To reduce its reliance on the commercial printing segment, which was pretty much stagnant in terms of growth, Jain Offset decided to start its Mantone packaging division.

The company operates three sheetfed offset multicolor presses, one for commercial printing work and two that are now used for carton printing jobs at Mantone. The two presses deployed for carton printing are from Komori while the one in the commercial printing division is from RMGT

“We began our journey in the carton printing and converting business with a brand new Bobst folder gluer. The journey so far has been really exciting, and we are very happy with the performance of the machine. Having a Bobst folder gluer also means that our customers can be rest assured of the quality of the cartons we supply to them,” Jain adds. 

The company supplies cartons to customers across India. These customers are in the cosmetics, electrical appliances, food industries, and the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Currently, Mantone converts about 700 tons of paper and paper board each month. 

Extremely bullish on Indian packaging

In the past year, the Indian carton packaging industry has witnessed a robust recovery. Mantone has also seen impressive growth in this period. “We are very bullish about the growth in the Indian packaging industry, especially in the carton packaging segment. Our company has booked good growth in the past year. With the new Bobst folder-gluer, we hope to continue to do well. After a year, we would like to embark on our next expansion when we will most likely get a new multicolor packaging press and further strengthen our converting department,” Jain concludes. 


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