Swiss Pac showcases sustainable packaging solutions at PlastIndia

Recyclable & compostable packaging for the future

Swiss Pac
(L-R) Gopi, director of Marketing; Shishir Vachhani, director business development; Keval Malde, sales director; and Nandan Vachhani at the Swiss Pac stand at Plast India 2023. Photo PSA

Swiss Pac specializes in sustainable packaging designed to meet the unique needs of different industries and product sets. The company exhibited its range of eco-packaging solutions – SwissLoop, WasteMade, PaperMade and PlantMade – at the PlastIndia exhibition, held from 1 to 5 February at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

SwissLoop is a type of recyclable packaging made from monolayer and has remarkable barrier properties to package food products. The packaging meets both US FDA and EU food packaging standards. Being recyclable, it can be used to recreate products such as furniture, packaging and building materials.

WasteMade is made from recycled content (PCR), with around 30-40% of recycled content laminated with PE. It is primarily for non-food packaging as it does not share the same barrier properties as SwissLoop. WasteMade helps in reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the oceans and landfills. Swiss Pac has a whole range of PlantMade products made from cellulose-based films that are said to be compostable.

Earlier, the purpose of food packaging was to provide protection, storage and transportation but as consumers become more and more aware, the focus is gradually shifting towards a circular economy and sustainable raw materials. To address these ecological concerns, PaperMade is said to be completely plastic-free and offers paper packaging solutions that simultaneously protect and preserve the environment. These solutions are well-suited for secondary and outer packaging.

“The most upcoming trend at the moment is anything that is easily recyclable or compostable. The future is all about being equal and understanding the mindset of trying to lower the overall carbon footprint of products and materials,” said Keval Malde, sales director at Swiss Pac.

Nandan Vachhani, director of business development at Swiss Pac added, “PlastIndia has been a very great experience. We are receiving a high volume of customers. Many customers are switching from conventional to recyclable and sustainable options and we are getting a good response on that.”


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