Taurus promotes shrink sleeve solutions at Drink Technology India

Helping brands reduce inventory costs

Chetan Jain, director of Taurus at Drink Technology

Greater Noida-based shrink sleeve and label specialist Taurus promoted its solutions at the Drink Technology India 2022 show held in Mumbai from 7-9 December – explaining how it can help brand owners reduce their inventory costs by providing optimal printing technologies.

We told visitors how we can use the optimal printing technology at our disposal to provide them with the most cost-effective shrink sleeve solutions. We have gravure, narrow web flexo, and digital printing technologies at our disposal. Our customers do not have to worry about the minimum order quantity. Taurus can supply from 50 labels to 50,000 labels,” says Chetan Jain, director of Taurus.

At Taurus, the shrink sleeves segment contributes more than 80% to the top line. The rest comes from BOPP wraps around labels and laminates.

By focusing on shrink sleeves, we have become experts in this space. About 15 years ago, we were doing all sorts of things. Then we realized that most packaging and label convertors were just adding machines and enhancing capacity. They were not innovating or adding value. That is when we decided to just focus on shrink sleeves and offer the best solutions in this segment. Because of our focus on one specific area, we have been able to offer innovative solutions to customers, some of whom are big brands,” Jain says.

Taurus services customers in home and personal care, food and beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical, dairy, and telecom markets in India. The company has a converting capacity of about 300-400 tons per month.

Shrink sleeves getting popular in liquor industry

Jain says Taurus is working with brands in the liquor industry to popularize shrink sleeves on liquor bottles.

There has been a gradual increase in demand for shrink sleeves in the Indian liquor industry. We are working hard to show these liquor brands what shrink sleeves can do to their brands. Shrink sleeves give a brand a wider coverage on the bottle. Brands also do not have to have a big inventory of printed cans. We have worked with Bacardi and Bira on this front,” Jain says.

Taurus’ hybrid intaglio printing (H.I.P) framework

The H.I.P. framework was designed and perfected to tackle the growing packaging demands in ways that are quick, efficient, and cost-effective. The system addresses the concerns of development costs, order quantities, time to market, and value additions through the innovative use of technologies.

The H.I.P. framework is our USP. The method of production in flexible packaging, where the advantages of various printing technologies and software are intertwined together to achieve exceptional packaging solutions that meet urgent demands, minimizes development costs and offers never-seen-before ingenuity in print effects on shrink sleeves,” Jain says.

Growth of digital

Jain says digital printing has a very bright future in the shrink sleeves and label industry. “There is nothing like the best printing technology. Digital has a place in the whole scheme of things and its importance is growing. In the last few years, the number of label shrink sleeves printed using digital technology has grown manifold. We see further growth in demand for digital in this segment,” Jain says.


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