Zhongke India’s automatic YS SR 108 laminator

A highly stable high-speed dry lamination machine

YS SR 108 Automatic High-Speed Dry Lamination Machine. Photo: Zhongke India
YS SR 108 Automatic High-Speed Dry Lamination Machine. Photo: Zhongke India

From sturdiness to good aesthetics, boosting color, and drastically enhancing longevity, lamination offers many benefits for printed products and packaging. This saves you time and money in the long run and conserves paper, a crucial natural resource. Zhongke India claims that the YS SR 108 laminator is the most stable lamination machine available in the market. Its design is focused on high speed with consistent quality at a low energy cost. 

Speaking about the dry lamination machine, Rohit Rajpal, director at Zhongke India, says, “Traditionally, lamination was seen as a useful step in the printing process to provide protection or add stiffness, but now the market is understanding the possibilities. Laminated packages provide creative designs and embellishments, besides adding better shelf life to the packaging.”

The YS SR laminator is compatible with a variety of substrates, post-print processes, and embellishments, for nearly any application, from rigid boxes to folding cartons, menu cards, premium labels that go on wine bottles, health and beauty supplies, and FMCG packaging, and, most importantly, for specialty food packaging. 

The functionality of the laminator includes a design speed of the machine is up to 100 meters a minute, with an average production speed of 80 meters a minute. It produces sheets that lay flat and without curling on substrates from 100 to 550 gsm. The YS SR 108 has a high pile feeder for continuous non-stop production and is compatible with various types of lamination films, including BOPP, PET, metallized PET, holographic, anti-scuff, silky, matt, velvet, linen films, from 6 to 35 microns, and biodegradable films. The laminator delivery has an auto-rejection system in the case of uncut sheets that can be salvaged to reduce wastage.

Rajpal adds, “Our machines are future-ready. Optimized for high-quality production to minimize wastage, the machines are energy efficient with high productivity and low power consumption. The machines are designed to run biodegradable films, thus contributing toward sustainable production successfully,” he concludes.

Zhongke India has now established numerous packaging converting equipment installations at different locations across India. Best known for its automatic rigid box-making machines, its range of packaging solutions includes a high-speed dry lamination machine and other converting equipment for automatic die-cutting and foiling, litho lamination, corrugation, and paper bag production. It provides equipment for manufacturing collapsible boxes, multi-utility case makers, window patching, folder gluers, and box assembly machines.

With this comprehensive range of packaging solutions, the company claims it has 60 successful installations in India and around 3,000 globally. The Indian customers include Replika Press, TCPL, Miraj Multicolor, Vijayshri, and Patanjali for lamination. After PrintPack, Zhongke India installed three Yongshun YS SR 108 automatic high-speed dry lamination machines at Printmann, TCPL, and Miraj Multicolor.


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