Avontec offers complete end of line solutions

Automated material handling and movement

Uma Nidmarty, director of Avontec Automation

Just established Avontec Automation is a merger between a 50-year-old instrumentation company Lectrotek Systems and three-year-old Ravon engineering. Created in April 2019, the Pune-based company offers high-impact transformative material movement solutions to the food, pharma, FMCG, automotive, steel, and energy industries.

Speaking about the company’s different solutions and main pillars, Uma Nidmarty, director of Avontec, said, “Avontec provides end to end solutions based on customer needs in three main areas. These are automation, where we offer end of line automation; transformation, the IoT (internet of things) component of our solution; and visualization, where we offer large industrial displays.”

Nidmarty illustrates a packaging solution, “One of our new solutions is a completely automated liquid filling pouch line that we have designed. Once the pouches are filled at the primary packaging machine, Avontec takes a leading role. We work with key manufacturing partners to supply advanced robotics and bundling machines, followed by a combination of conveyors, check weighers, and case packers to fulfill our customer’s automation objectives. The IoT software that connects and monitors all the equipment on that line not only gives you the metrics and data, at a machine by machine level but also the efficiency of machine data across the line.”

IoT – a magical solution

The industrial internet of things has started to become a magical solution for companies. Commenting on the IoT, she says, “With today’s technology, it is possible to achieve the dream of IoT, which is about being remotely able to monitor your assets and obtain real operational efficiency information.”

While stating that in most companies, equipment data is recorded in spreadsheets and is usually under or over-reported to the management, Nidmarty indicates that this is where the opportunity lies. “We can monitor wastage as well as operator efficiency on an operator-led station. Our solutions can help you to align the shifts to achieve maximum efficiency with the available resources.”

Avontec designs and implements

“Avontec automation solves real business problems by designing and implementing solutions that seamlessly integrate into the existing manufacturing processes. We also offer solutions to older lines, where we install intelligent sensors, establish edge gateways to capture data from the sensors and PLCs, and compile them together to provide key metrics and indicators. Today, many companies are running very successful lines with older machines. For the older machines Our IoT solution is a cloud-based solution that can provide real-time data,” she says.

Nidwarty continues, “We are different from others in the market, as we provide end to end line solutions. We have a solid network of partners, and we manufacture a lot of high-quality equipment in India. Above all, we have skilled teams in place to be able to understand customers’ problems and solve them.”

Avontec has a team of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software engineers to implement solutions to the food, pharma, FMCG, steel, power, and processing industries. Speaking about the vision of the company, she says, “Our primary vision is to become the supplier of choice for end of line solutions, digital transformation and visualization for customers.” 


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