Surya Global Flexifilms orders two Brückner BOPP film lines

Priyagold biscuit and confectionary manufacturer’s backward integration

Priya Gold – a leading biscuit and confectionary brand
Priya Gold – a leading biscuit and confectionary brand

Millions of Indians have grown up with Priyagold’s biscuits, chocolate, snacks, and juices over the past years. To keep their fine specialties fresh and appetizing at all times, a wide variety of BOPP and BOPET films are in use. A logical step for the company was backward integration by producing and converting high-quality films for its in-house requirements and supply to domestic and export film markets. The Group’s subsidiary Surya Global Flexifilms thus ordered two BOPP lines from Brückner Maschinenbau. The Brückner 8.7 meter BOPP line for Surya has arrived with the installation to begin after a month.

Shekhar Agarwal, Surya’s chairman, and managing director says, “As a newcomer in film production, we were looking for a partner with great experience, convincing technology, and relevant references. All this we have found in Brückner – this already became clear during our first talks.”

Johann Kreilinger, head of Sales Brückner Maschinenbau, confirms the extremely constructive negotiating climate, “Both our Indian sales team and we from Germany have felt very comfortable in the discussions. Our new partners are always well prepared and target-oriented. We are really looking forward to realize the projects.”

Both BOPP lines are 8.7 meters wide, while one is a 3-layer line the other is a 5-layer line. They will be installed at Surya’s new highly modern plant in the Greater Noida area. The installation of the first line which has landed in the country will begin in April and should be running in mid-2022. The second Bruckner line should be commissioned approximately one and a half years later at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

Several Brückner lines on order and under installation

As new and more sustainable structures are being developed in India too, a number of Brückner film lines are on order. While several have been recently installed, some are under installation or about to be installed. Apart from the Nahar Polyfilms BOPP 8.7 meter line installed at Mandideep, Vacmet’s 8.7 meter Bruckner line is running and its 10.4-meter line is under installation. Several other polyester, are expected to be installed in June – July time frame at Akash Polyfilms, SML, SRF, and Satyendra.

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