DCX and Shree Shubham join hands for agri commodities trading

Shree Shubham’s warehousing service will be available to all DCX clients

Shree Shubham
Shree Shubham Logistics (SSL) warehouse

DCX, a global agri fintech operator of platforms for agri products, and Shree Shubham Logistics (SSL), a warehousing company in India for commodities, have announced an agreement to make agri commodities trading in India transparent, efficient, and robust.

SSL’s warehousing service with facilities across six states will be available to all DCX clients as part of its secure and trusted negotiation, contracting, and execution solution. The DCX platform integrates with a variety of service providers – inspection, freight, insurance, and finance.

The SSL solution reduces post-harvest losses and increases food security, using scientific and efficient warehouse management systems through modern Agri-Logistics Parks (ALPs) as well as third-party warehouses.

DCX will offer the solution on its marketplace using its 2.0 platform launched in early July 2022. Powered by AWS cloud-native services, the DCX platform allows users to trade, counter, and offers digitized post-trade flows in a single environment, while users have access to service providers offering freight, finance, insurance, and inspection services.

Suraj Arora, co-founder and managing director of DCX Asia said “We are very excited to work with Shree Shubham Logistics in creating a blockchain-backed digitization ecosystem in the Indian agriculture sector. The Indian agriculture economy provides huge opportunities and digitization of this critical component of the Indian economy would pave the way for creating a positive social impact in the lives of Indian farmers. This cooperation would bring a very dynamic trading digital ecosystem in the field of agri commodities.”

Maneesh Mansingka, managing director of SSL said “We are excited to work with DCX Asia to form a vibrant agritech platform that can be used by farmers, traders, processors, and government agencies, forming part of the Indian agriculture commodities ecosystem. DCX has global expertise and is operational in various regions of the world. This platform will enable a safe and efficient digital trade, storage, financing, export or import of agricultural commodities. This will add a new revenue stream for the company without incurring any further capital expenditure.


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