Fasal Kranti, a plug & play IoT system to bring revolution in agriculture

Over 12 sensors monitor micro-climatic and macro-climatic factors

Photo - Fasal

Precision farming pioneer startup ‘Fasal’ has launched one of its kind, made in India, made for the world, plug and play IoT and sensors based system, ‘Fasal Kranti’. The IoT device ‘Fasal Kranti’ aims to make farming more profitable and sustainable by helping the farmer make optimized data-driven decisions on the farm concerning irrigation, fertigation, disease, and pest management. The innovative technology, ‘Fasal Kranti,’ will help the farmer reduce their cost of cultivation and improve their per acre yield and quality of produce. Fasal has tapped into the US$3.4 billion precision agri and farm management market and built a world-class solution for core problems for horticulture farmers and visions to expand to 13 million hectares of farm horticulture, which adds up to US$2.7 billion with Fasal Kranti in India.

‘Fasal Kranti’ is innovated with the vision to make it available and affordable in any part of the world. The device is a self-deployable, plug-and-play that takes less than 5 minutes to deploy at a farm. It is equipped with over 12 sensors to monitor macro-climatic factors such as rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, lux, solar intensity, micro-climatic factors such as temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, and below the soil parameters like soil temperature, soil moisture at multiple levels. The device’s design is innovative and can be easily extended to support more sensors. Fasal Kranti can also be integrated with any agriculture automation system out of the box to extend its capability into farm automation.

Fasal Kranti helps manage irrigation based on specific crops at a specific stage, protecting from the root, and improving the yield quality. Horticulture farmers can benefit from precise disease and pest management to protect their crops and reduce harmful chemical usage. The minimal chemical residue brings better value, acceptance for their farm produce worldwide, and savings up to 50% on spray cost. It helps farmers in up to 50% reduction in water usage for irrigation and rewards them with Fasal Water Credit. Water-saving in irrigation will lead to saving clean water for sanitation and other purposes, making it sustainable for the environment.

Ananda Verma, founder of the Fasal, says on the launch of Kranti, “Agriculture in India and many parts of the world has been plagued by various uncertainties that leads to over utilization of natural resources, high input cost, low productivity and poor quality of produce. Fasal’s vision is to do technological innovation in crop care to bring predictability and profitability in agriculture and make agriculture sustainable. Fasal Kranti is a step towards that vision.”

According to Shailendra Tiwari, founder of Fasal, “Horticulture in India is at the cusp of a major disruption. Our food preferences have changed. Fresh fruits and vegetables have made a bigger place on the plates of our countrymen. We are open to paying higher for quality fresh produce than never before.

Government policies are going to support more robust and open supply chains in favor of our farmers. There has never been a bigger incentive for our farmers to grow more and grow better. And we believe the launch of Fasal Kranti will help in a rapid transition of Indian horticulture and our farms into precise, knowledge based and efficiently operated setups then gut-based legacy operations. And we couldn’t be prouder that our years of experience has taught us that our farmers need a cost competitive, easy to operate, long withstanding and reliable IoT system. And that’s what Fasal kranti is, meaningful and frugal innovation at its best.”

According to the company, this product results from Fasal’s deep understanding of the agriculture ecosystem and the science behind it. Fasal is an organization that keeps innovation at the center of everything that they do. It is also the first company in India to bring Precision Agriculture to every farmer in the country. The company also aims to reduce the usage of non-renewable fuels and bring accuracy in fertilizers. Fasal is working towards building an end-to-end solution for crop care with data and aims to become a full-stack platform for horticulture farmers. Fasal has raised seed funding of US$1.6 million led by Omnivore and Wavemaker Partners in October 2019.


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