AGI glaspac launches antibacterial food glass jar and water bottles

Greendrop Glassware launches this new line of product on eCommerce sites

AGI glaspac
AGI glaspac's antibacterial food glass jar. Photo - AGI glaspac

AGI glaspac, a leading global manufacturer of integrated container-glass, announced the launch of its pioneering innovation product, antibacterial range of food storage glass jars and bottles, through its retail segment Greendrop Glassware. The antibacterial jars and water bottles are infused with ‘Germ Guard Technology’. This new product line will be available for sale on all the leading eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and in PayTM Mall.

Germ Guard technology

Germ Guard technology is a nanotechnology-based anti-microbial composite which inhibits and destroys the growth of deadly bacteria, fungus, and molds. This technology has been tested earlier for various norms and compliance procedures in Biotech Testing Services, Mumbai. It showed an efficiency of 99.99% against the microbes under numerous test procedures. The products that have earlier used this technology have also been tested in independent private laboratories, which has shown the same efficiency rate of more than 99%. Due to the infused Germ Guard technology, the glass jars and water bottles claim to exhibit features such as inorganic in nature, safe, non-toxic heat, and non-corrosive, stable up to 1300 degrees Celsius and destroys 99.99% of bacteria along with the permanent antibacterial activity.

Active silver technology

AGI glaspac has also used active silver technology, which is behind these germfree products. Through silver ions, which are evenly distributed throughout the bottle, migrates to the surface and kills the bacteria by puncturing their cell membrane. These silver ions are non-toxic and safe and are certified for use by leading laboratories and institutions. These technologies infused in the product help sanitize it from within and protect it from all the deadly viruses, bacteria, and other microbes until the product’s lifetime.

AGI glaspac’s anti bacterial bottle

Rajesh Khosla, president and chief executive officer of AGI glaspac, said, “AGI glaspac has been constantly leveraging innovation and technology in its journey to make valuable additions to customer services. Due to the on-going pandemic, consumers are in a lookout for sanitized and germfree products, and now more-than-ever, our team is focusing on exploring new ways to cater to the rising demand. We are extremely pleased to add these antibacterial food glass jars and water bottles to our growing list of new, innovative product launches. We are happy to enable end-consumers to make improved lifestyle choices and help in achieving our commitment to creating a healthy and safe environment.”

This new product range will add to AGI glaspac’s already existing product portfolio and help the company create a stronger foothold in the glass packaging industry. These airtight products can be used to store dry groceries, snacks, pickles, savories, and more will help the consumers opt for a healthier lifestyle.

Incorporated in 1972, AGI has designs and manufacturers, glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage industries globally. More recently, the company started offering its products through its retail segment, Greendrop Glassware. AGI glaspac has state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, in Hyderabad and Bhongir, Telangana, both strategically located in South – Central India.


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