Döhler’s MultiSense improve taste of reduced sugar beverages

Less sugar, full taste – light soft drinks are in demand!

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Everyone is talking about sugar reduction – and it covers refreshing lemonades, light fruit splashes, and many more exciting beverage concepts. Döhler provides the food and beverage industry with an extensive portfolio of various sweetening solutions, which represent the ideal basis for developing innovative trend products, thereby fully satisfying the needs of nutrition-conscious consumers.

Who does not have a craving for a natural, fruity sweet refreshment? Health-conscious consumers were long confronted with the problem that their favorite beverages contained a too high amount of sugar, which exceeded the maximum daily intake of 25 g for adults as recommended by the WHO by far. At the same time, reduced-sugar varieties suffered from the long-standing reputation that their taste was not nearly as good as the “original” drink. These formerly widespread clichés have recently been proven to be untrue.

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Döhler offers a wide variety of sweetening solutions for many different applications, including MultiSweet Stevia or a range of MultiSense Flavors. These include MultiSense Sweet for a sugar reduction of 30%, MultiSense Mouthfeel for a full-bodied mouthfeel, and MultiSense Masking, which was developed to mask unwanted taste components. These ingredient solutions make an optimum result possible thanks to the many and flexible combinations through which, for example, the typical aftertaste of Stevia can be masked, thus leaving only a naturally well-rounded sweetness profile. “Zero” or “Diet” lemonade varieties are characterized by a sugar reduction of up to 100%; MultiSweet Classic is the sweetening solution in this case, which, in combination with MultiSense Masking, enhances the desired taste nuances and reduces the undesired ones – for a full-bodied taste without sugar.

With MultiSweet Fruit, Döhler offers another alternative to refined sugar, which is suitable for use in premium beverages with a natural positioning. 100% natural fruit sweeteners are derived from fermented fruit juice concentrates, which the company makes at its production facilities from carefully selected fruits such as apples or pears. To extract the fruit’s natural sugar, the fruit juice concentrate is deacidified, decolorized, and deionized without chemical additives; these properties provide beverages with added naturalness that makes them stand out from the competition.

Whether MultiSense Flavours, Stevia, or pure fructose – natural sweetening solutions from Döhler provide reduced-sugar beverages with an outstanding taste profile and pure refreshment. In addition, Döhler develops innovative beverage concepts with less sugar, which are really in line with the spirit of the times!

Carbonated soft drinks – sparkling refreshments with less sugar

Colas, orange- and lemon-flavored soft drinks have been a favorite with consumers worldwide for decades. And those looking for a truly indulgent experience no longer have to opt for the full-sugar variants – “Light Lemonades” are here to stay! These contain up to 30% less sugar compared to the full-sugar variants due to revised recipes that result in an outstanding taste profile and mouthfeel through the use of natural sweetening solutions. The range of innovations in reduced-sugar, carbonated soft drinks includes “Naturally Light Sodas”, which are possible in sugar-free, reduced-sugar, or naturally sweetened variants. Indeed, the spectrum of flavors ranges from citrus fruit to zesty soda. The “Organic Sodas” concept creates an intense fruity taste with low sugar (< 5 g) and a correspondingly higher juice content (> 5%). This product idea also allows for many different flavors: classic citrus flavor, popular garden fruits, trendy plant extracts – there is something for everyone!

Light Fruit Splashes – full-bodied indulgence

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Sparkling mixtures of fruit juices and carbonated water are also a true classic among soft drinks, which still offers tremendous innovation potential. These are known as “Light Fruit Splashes” and are now in greater demand than ever before! Whether “apple cassis”, “grape mandarin” or “peach mango” – traditional, exotic or innovative – this peach-mango allows the creation of an enormous range of natural flavors and combinations that appeal to consumers from various target groups. Thanks to a juice content of 30%, light fruit splashes have a less sweet taste and contain less sugar, meaning that they ideally serve many consumers’ needs when it comes to healthier and more natural soft drinks. Thanks to a diverse, backward-integrated raw materials network, Döhler can supply virtually any imaginable flavor. To serve consumers looking for a sweeter taste despite a lower fruit juice content, light fruit splashes can be created using various MultiSense Flavors, whose taste is just as intense as that of traditional fruit splashes.

Fruit Infused Water

Still, waters are fruity! In terms of its sales quantities, water remains the most successful beverage worldwide. But consumers no longer only have the choice between “still or sparkling” when it comes to water. Many completely new concepts inspire consumers who are looking for an intrinsically fruity taste in their preferred beverages. Those who appreciate a natural fruit taste can now enjoy the popular new beverage “Fruit Infused Water” – the purest form of indulgence. This fruity infusion achieves its particularly authentic taste solely from fruits subjected to especially gentle processing and contains 0% added flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. This is why “Fruit Infused Waters” is ideally suited for clean label declarations.

Light NFC Juices

Those looking for juices with a healthier recipe and less sugar, which at the same time offer an intense fruit taste, can now go for “Light NFC Juices”! The balanced mixtures of various fruit juices with coconut water, selected fruits, cucumber or courgette juice naturally create even more refreshing juices that pave the way for consumers to experience completely new taste worlds – “mango veggie twister”, “frucchini refresher “and “berry light” are the names of the new generation of “Light NFC Juices”!

As a provider of complete ingredient systems and integrated solutions, Döhler’s primary focus is on developing innovative concepts. In line with the company slogan, “We bring ideas to life.” Döhler develops custom complete solutions, processes, and innovations for its customers – from the field to the supermarket shelves.


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