New 3Corações Cappuccino package uses Aptar’s BAP technology

The new package features a welded-on closure and pull ring

The new package, featuring a welded-on closure and pull ring, offers convenience and functionality for food packaging. Photo - Aptar

Aptar brings to Brazil a highly advanced technology that offers convenience and functionality for food packaging — Bonded Aluminum to Plastic, or BAP. This technology, which is told to be brand new in Brazil, will be featured on the new packaging of national favorite Cappuccino 3Corações. For the development of this new package, Aptar and 3Corações surveyed cappuccino consumers and identified three main areas of focus in regards to the consumption experience – a tight seal between the closure and bottle, ease of opening and closing, and a wide opening for easy to access to the content – all of which are addressed with this new package.

Tight seal

According to Aptar, designed for the most diverse food categories, BAP, as its name suggests, is made of plastic and aluminum. In the manufacturing process, the aluminum foil is welded to the plastic of the cap and, after filling, is welded back onto the container itself. This claims to give the lid a perfect seal, ensuring optimum food preservation and preventing leaks. Because the lid is attached to the package and cannot be separated, it is easier to maintain the product’s hygiene and integrity.

Ease of opening

Easy to open and close, the cap, which has a flip-top lid, is integrated directly into the package. Together, they form a one-piece solution, with fewer removable and disposable parts. Aptar said opening the package is now more convenient and intuitive, thanks to the ergonomic pull ring attached to the aluminum foil and comes out in one piece, leaving no sharp edges. This improves the use of occasion for consumers of all ages and leaves them with an enjoyable packaging experience.

Wide opening

Due to BAP technology, a screw thread was no longer needed. The neck finish was made more comprehensive, following the container’s design and allowing for easier access to the product. Because the product is easier to access, this change in neck size also helps decrease the amount of wasted product.

Ergonomic, intuitive, modern, and reliable, the BAP technology offers a range of positive experiences, adding convenience and practicality to consumers’ daily lives. The technology was summed up by consumers in a focus group in a single word – surprising. According to research, the new design made the package more visually attractive and increased brand visibility at the point of sale, both on the shelves and in eCommerce channels.

In terms of manufacturing, BAP brings better efficiency to the production lines of Grupo 3Corações, optimizing – and even eliminating – steps in the cappuccino manufacturing process. The elimination of the screw thread made the packages 16% lighter and made for easier accommodation at the points of sale. Due to the improved design, which uses less plastic, 3Corações estimates an annual 40-ton plastic reduction with the new packaging compared to the previous design. Another key factor is harmonizing a single cap for the two container sizes (200g and 400g). Since it also serves both versions of the product packaging, reducing the need to control different inventories.

According to Aptar, technology also contributed positively to the equity of the brand, increasing awareness, and strengthening the positioning of the 3Corações Group as a leader in the manufacturing of cappuccinos in Brazil. “We were able to develop a completely customized solution that brought greater convenience to the final consumer. We kept the classic elements of the brand, such as color, layout base and heart shape”, explains Gisele Sousa, president of Aptar Food + Beverage for Latin America.

“3Corações cappuccino has been an innovative product since its launch more than 25 years ago. The heart shape, a very important icon of the brand, reinforces the ties we maintain with our consumers, which endorses us with each repeat purchase. With a sophisticated simplicity, we hope to surprise the consumer with this new packaging, the result of tireless and passionate work”, highlights Lucila Garcia, executive manager of research and development at Grupo 3Corações. “With the launch of BAP, Aptar continues to transform product categories, making people’s lives easier and increasingly asserting itself as an innovative, bold and disruptive company. Surprising is our purpose”, concludes Gisele Sousa.


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