Schott Straws now also available for private customers

Glass drinking straws with "professional genes"

Sustainable enjoyment: With Schott Straws, Schott now offers high-quality drinking straws made of glass aimed at professional users in the hotel, hospitality, and catering (HORECA) industry. Photo - Schott

The Schott Straws, which have been tried and tested by professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry, are now available from sales partners in a practical 4-pack for private customers. The high-quality glass drinking straws not only optically enhance every favorite drink; they are also taste-less, reusable, and recyclable. Tested at bars all over the world, they are a sustainable alternative to other material straws. Produced in Germany and soon to be a household staple throughout the world.

The Schott glass drinking straws’ success story continues: after Schott introduced the Schott straws for the catering, hotel, and commercial sectors last year, the private customer pack sizes with four glass drinking straws each are now following. Anyone interested can now purchase the straws exclusively from Schott sales partners, for example, online. Schott provides a continuously updated overview of its retail and online partners on its website.

According to the company, now that the days are slowly becoming shorter and cooler, Schott straws are scoring particularly well. Whether it’s hot chocolate, tea, coffee specialties, or warm punch, hot drinks can also be enjoyed with the glass straws thanks to their temperature resistance. In contrast to other materials such as bamboo, paper, or metal, glass retains an unadulterated taste and creates a special drinking experience without any harmful substances. And after each use, the straws can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Made in Germany: From fine sand to a noble drinking straw

Several “professional genes” are responsible for these positive product characteristics: As the inventor of special glass, the international technology group Schott has more than 130 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality, technical glass tubing. Thanks to a special combination of wall thickness and end piece finishing, Schott straws are particularly break-resistant and can even be used by children. With manufacturing two facilities in Germany, Schott claims to be the only supplier of glass drinking straws worldwide that controls the entire value-added process.

Schott also meets the DIN EN ISO 15378 standard, achieving the highest legal requirements for primary packaging materials for pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Signature Line: Customizable glass straws for professional users

For professional users in the hotel, restaurant, and catering industry (HORECA), the quality glass straws in the Schott Online Shop (Schott Straws can be ordered throughout Europe via the B2B webshop www.schottstraws.com_ are still available in larger packaging sizes. Whether cocktail or soft drink, thanks to four different lengths (15, 20, 23, or 30 cm), Schott Straws are suitable for various bottles or drinking glasses. The package sizes range from 50 to 300 pieces. In addition to the standard glass straws without branding, Schott also offers the option of customizing the drinking straws with an exclusive laser engraving for a quantity-dependent surcharge.

Tested by professionals, improved for private customers

Since its market launch, Schott Straws have been tested in various markets and locations, such as the Obertauern Ski Resort in Austria. In addition, there are numerous lighthouse projects with well-known international hotels: Hotel Sacher in Vienna and Salzburg surprises its guests with glass drinking straws from Schott that are decorated with a laser-engraved Sacher logo. Other well-known testers can be found at the Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden and the Hyatt Regency Mainz.


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