3rd Plant-Based Foods Summit by Plant-Based Foods Industry Association

21 May at Hotel Le Meridien

3rd Plant Based Foods Summit on 21 May at Hotel Le Meridien Photo- Healthline

The Plant-Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) is gearing up for its 3rd Plant-Based Foods Summit on 21 May at Hotel Le Meridien, Windsor Palace, New Delhi. It will be attended by stakeholders ranging from political leaders and government officials to R&D specialists, investors, and professionals from across the food sector. The event will bring a diverse range of plant-based foods from various companies and startups, allowing exhibitors to showcase their innovative products and forge connections with key industry players such as potential customers, investors, and partners. The convention will also feature panel discussions and immersive sessions led by industry experts and policymakers.

Sanjay Sethi, executive director, PBFIA said, “I look at the 3rd Plant-Based Foods Summit as a testament to the immense potential of plant-based foods in revolutionizing our food systems. We are gathering to foster meaningful collaborations, and pave the way for a more sustainable and thriving future for India in the plant-based sector.” According to him, it will serve as a nexus for knowledge exchange, networking, and brand promotion within the industry.

The summit will be conducting a full-day conference involving industry stalwarts and government officials, culinary demonstrations by celebrity chefs supported by the Indian Culinary Forum, along with plant-based foods product sampling. The discussions will be around advancements in plant-based protein technologies that can make nutritionally intact foods, novel ingredient sourcing, robust supply chain and infrastructure development, and strategies to bring price parity. There will also be a focus on consumer behavior insights, the strategies for market development with a cause-driven product, and the role of policy and regulation in shaping the industry’s future. Innovations in flavor and texture enhancement to improve product appeal are also on the agenda.

One of the key highlights of the summit will be the ‘Pitch Perfect’ sessions. Sethi said, “The ‘Pitch Perfect’ session is designed to provide startups with a platform to present their innovative ideas to potential investors, industry experts, and other stakeholders. This session will benefit startups by offering exposure, feedback, and the possibility of securing investment or partnerships.”

PBFIA envisions a future where plant-based foods become mainstream, driven by sustainability, health consciousness, and technological innovation. In India, this includes overcoming regulatory hurdles and enhancing consumer acceptance. Globally, PBFIA aims to position India as a significant player in the plant-based sector by leveraging its agricultural strengths and technological advancements, thus contributing to global food security and environmental sustainability.

With over 1,500 attendees and more than 50 companies showcasing their products and tastings, the summit will provide a fertile ground for forging new partnerships. It aims to drive regulatory improvements and provide a roadmap for addressing industry challenges. Sethi said, “We expect this summit to accelerate the growth and innovation in the plant-based foods industry, increased investment and partnership opportunities, enhanced consumer awareness and acceptance of plant-based products.” He further adds, “Globally, we seek to position India as a leader in the plant-based sector, contributing to international discussions on sustainability and food security.”


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