ACMA at Djazagro fair, Algiers

For the North African food market – April 22-25, 2024

CW 600 Protected Double Twist

A market with revenues of more than $268 billion, with a combined growth rate of 9.5% (according to over the next four years. The food sector in the North African region now appears to be more dynamic than ever and it requires specific solutions for the packaging of different products. 

ACMA, a leading manufacturer of packaging machines in the consumer goods market, including food, has always operated from a global perspective and looks with extreme interest at this area, where most companies are small and medium-sized, with packaging needs marked by flexibility. That is why, ACMA will take part in the Djazagro fair in Algiers, 22-25 April, at stand CT-C-094, Italy Pavilion. 

Solution for liquid filling

North Africa is home to many companies operating in the edible liquids industry, such as cooking oils. For this very industry, ACMA has developed LRF-OI, a platform specifically aimed at oils that has flexibility as its key strength. ACMA solutions allow for the filling of bottles or flasks of different types and sizes, with multiple capping systems, while at the same time allowing quick size changes thanks to a tool-less and plug and play approach. LRF-OI is equipped with a net-weight filling system that performs controls on each individual bottle, a feature that can guarantee an accuracy that is unique in the market. 

In addition, ACMA machines operate according to an intelligent filling concept, minimizing the amount of product in the tank through a patented control system: the Virtual Level System (VLS). This optimizes the product dosing speed thanks to the constant measurement of characteristics such as viscosity and temperature, while achieving waste reduction. 

The right style for every product

Equally important is the confectionery sector, which boasts more than $50 billion in revenues and represents the most important area of the North African food industry and in which ACMA has extensive experience. The company’s broad portfolio includes solutions for any type of requirement, from high to low speed, with machines capable of handling multiple wrapping styles, ensuring a smooth product handling and excellent packaging quality. 

To the North African market, ACMA offers solutions such as CW 600, a flat bottom chocolate wrapping unit capable of working with different wrapping materials, including monomaterials such as aluminum, PP, PVC, cellophane, and paper, capable of producing up to 8 different wrapping styles, including protected double twist, a special style of cold-sealed double twist wrapping. This type of shape is particularly suitable for the North African market and presents two major advantages: first, it better preserves the aroma of the product and, secondly, it protects it from external agents such as water, heat, humidity, dust and insects.


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