AIPIA World Congress 2019, Amsterdam – Part 1

Active and intelligent packaging

Kezzler at AIPIA World Congress

AIPIA World Congress 2019 closed its doors following a successful event for smart packaging. More than 350 delegates (including over 30 brand owners) were audience to more than 60 speakers and were able to see more than 30 companies demonstrating the latest technologies and services on offer.

Among the highlights on the main stage were two brand challenges. The first, by Abbott Laboratories, saw eleven companies pitch their ideas for connected health packaging to offer trust and credibility and digital sustainability to build long-term value cost-effectively. Systech won the challenge, with runners up ‒ Arylla and Constantia Flexibles. The winner will continue its conversation with Abbott to develop a solution for the company.

Next up was Coca-Cola, who challenged nine companies to help them with their aim to recycle each bottle or can by 2030. The company is heavily involved with a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) but sees certain disadvantages in terms of costs of implementation and functioning of a DRS. The challenge that Coca-Cola proposed was how smart packaging could contribute to addressing the disadvantages outlined above while improving consumer convenience to recycle and engaging consumers in the process. The winners Hyve Connect, Recycl3r, and ST Microelectronics will meet with senior Coca-Cola executives to take their ideas further.

One of the important events running throughout the Congress was the final conference for the Nanopack project, of which AIPIA has been a partner. The three-year EU Horizon 2020 funded project has successfully developed a new flexible packaging material, incorporating nanotechnology, using essential oils, which is proven to offer significantly extended shelf life to a whole range of products, such as fresh produce, bakery items and cheese. The project also demanded the film be manufactured commercially and not just at the lab scale, which was also achieved.

Part 2 will include Nestlé’s announcement of its smart packaging strategy for the future; how Wyeth Nutrition teamed up with DSS and Sun Chemicals to offer authentication as well as personal customer experience for its Infant Formula products; and a flavor of what went on in AIPIA’s first-ever Masterclass, ‘The Role of Blockchain in your Smart Packaging Eco-system.’

Andrew Manly, communication director, AIPIA, will speak at the PDIT2 Conference on 13 December 2019 at Pragati Maidan.


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