Govt invites entrepreneurs to invest in North East and Jammu Kashmir

Rs 1400 crore budget is allocated to set up food processing industry in hilly terrains

FICCI Foodworld 2019
Industry panel discussion on food processing at FICCI Foodworld 2019

The food processing sector is one of the most promising sectors in our country with a high potential to grow in the future and invited the industry and entrepreneurs to invest in the north eastern states. This was stated was Rameshwar Teli, minister of state for food processing industries, at FICCI Foodworld India 2019, organized by FICCI and the Ministry of Food Processing Industries in Mumbai on 29 August 2019.

He said, “Our budget is of Rs 1400 crore and the Ministry of Food Processing Industries will assist industrialists and young entrepreneurs to set up food processing industry in the country especially in the hilly terrains.”

“Government will assist all the investors and industrialist to set up units in these states and especially in North East and Jammu Kashmir,” he said.

While highlighting the views on offerings by Odisha Government in the food processing sector Sanjeev Chopra, principal secretary, Department of Industries, Government of Odisha said, “Food Processing sector is identified as one of the Priority sectors in Odisha and has immense potential under the governance of the state government. The Odisha government has taken various measures to maintain the cost of doing business and improve infrastructure in the state”.

Siraj Hussain, former secretary, Ministry of Agriculture & Food Processing Industries, Government of India, shared his concerns faced by the sector and said, “Due to the fall in prices the farmers suffered. There is an increase in food wastage that has impacted the growth of the industry. We hope there are reforms that will increase the development in the food processing infrastructure along with driving investment in the rural agriculture.”

Reema Prakash, joint secretary, Ministry for Food Processing Industries, Government of India said, “The Pradhan Mantri Kisan SAMPADA Yojna which will not only provide a big boost to the growth of food processing sector in the country but also help in providing better returns to farmers and is a big step towards doubling of farmers income, creating huge employment opportunities especially in the rural areas, reducing wastage of agricultural produce, increasing the processing level and enhancing the export of the processed foods.”

Hemant Malik, chair – FICCI Food Processing Committee and chief executive officer – Food Division at ITC  said, “India has moved from a food scarce to a food surplus nation and the industry is on track in terms of growth and profitability. The food processing sector has immense potential for value addition and development as it leads and synergizes the two pillars of economy that is the Industries and Agriculture. Various government initiatives and reforms have resolved a lot of hurdles faced by the industry.”

Mohit Anand, co-chair – FICCI Food Processing Committee and managing director at Kellog’s India said that the food processing sector has the potential of becoming a Rs. 500 billion sector which will not only focus on improving farmer’s income but also improve the employment and infrastructure.

A ‘FICCI Centre of Excellence on Nutrition’ was also launched at the occasion with an objective to create greater awareness amongst stakeholders on the different aspects of nutrition and reformulation.

The one-day conference which focused on the future of food processing sector was attended by delegates across the sector. The conference served as a platform for the industry to discuss the innovation that could drive the industry and initiatives to attract investment in the sector. It also discussed the efforts taken to reduce the wastage and bring in sustainable measures to boost the food processing sector.


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