Kezzler & Syntegon – seamless track & trace

Add Level 4 cloud traceability to L 1-3 packaging technology

Connectivity Kezzler Syntegon
Kezzler and Sntegon connectivity at all levels for track and trace

Kezzler, the cloud-based Level 4 traceability solutions provider and Syntegon Technology, one of the largest Level 1 to Level 3 process and packaging technology providers, both leading AIPIA members, have announced the creation of a new partnership for product digitization and traceability.

The partnership, which is non-exclusive, will offer customers increased convenience through the flexibility to choose complementary solutions to effectively implement their product digitization and traceability strategies with minimal operational burden, the partners claim.

“We are excited to bring this partnership to the market. By each party focusing on their corresponding core competencies with a proven interface between the two systems, customers can select the best vendors for each area of application” according to Matthias Heinrichs, CSO Syntegon Cartoning – Track & Trace GmbH

Kezzler CEO, Christine C. Akselsen commented, “The benefits of unit-level product digitization are many, from process and supply chain transparency to an enhanced, personalized consumer experience and strengthened brand protection. To achieve this, each individual product carries a unique digital identity (as a QR code or other preferred carrier). The actual process of physically applying a code to every single product is dependent upon experienced factory system providers such as Syntegon. They provide the necessary solutions (so-called Level 2 and 3) for production lines to support and implement unit-level serialization. This partnership offers proven interoperability between Syntegon systems and Kezzler’s enterprise-level (Level 4) cloud platform for product digitization and traceability for a complete production to consumption offer. Together the joint solution can report to overarching compliance regimes, such as in Russia.”

Through the partnership, customers have the freedom to select vendors suited to their requirements, rather than be constrained by vendor lock-in between IT and OT. The interoperability of the two systems should ensure faster implementation times, delivering transparent, compliant and secure supply chains creating value for both the business and consumers, they claim.

The drive for product traceability comes from all sides of the supply chain. Governments are increasingly implementing unit-level traceability legislation to protect consumers from counterfeits and secure taxes, while conscious consumers have a new set of demands and expectations around brand transparency and access to product information.

Kezzler and Syntegon

The Kezzler and Syntegon partnership lets brands seamlessly track and trace products from creation to consumption, gaining deeper insights into the product journey and the entire product life cycle. Each product is given a unique, secure, and traceable identity (UID). A digital twin of each product is created in the cloud where data associated with the product is stored, eliminating data silos by creating end-to-end visibility in one place.

Brands have access to highly structured data sets linked across production, distribution and consumption. They can start with a simple solution, such as basic product authentication, and scale up to high volume, high complexity global traceability solutions. By utilizing proven GS1 EPCIS messages, Syntegon´s CPI Level 3 Suite can be integrated with the upper Level 4 Kezzler cloud-based enterprise system.


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