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Monday, September 25, 2023

Andrew Manly

Andrew Manly is the communications director of the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association.

Food waste vs packaging waste: Striking a balance

How should the industry balance the critical – and occasionally competing – aims of reducing food waste and minimizing packaging waste? The AIPIA’s communications director shares his thoughts. Attending ProPak Asia, held from 12-15 June...

The search for the perfect antimicrobial solutions continues

As l mentioned in my recent article Making the case for antimicrobial packaging films: Time to get more Active? – the number of research projects developing antimicrobial or antibacterial films is staggering. Industry intel...
Cleantech DTI |AIPIA

AIPIA Congress highlight – Cleantech and Beyond’s DTI

One of the new products on show at the AIPIA World congress in Amsterdam in November, was Cleantech’s Digital Temperature Indicator (DTI), an irreversible temperature label with visual and digital indication, integrated with a...
MagvVsion | AIPIA

MagVision to introduce MagID Marking Solution at AIPIA

New start-up MagVision will present MagID, the patented marking technology, at the AIPIA Digitalisation in Packaging Congress, which is on line on Thursday 16 November. MagVision’s Head of Innovation, Nathalie Muller will lead a...
Tetra Pak features AR to provide a 'good day' for dairy products Photo Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak features AR to provide a ‘good day’ for dairy products

Swiss milk processor, Emmi and multinational food packaging company, Tetra Pak, have launched a new augmented reality (AR) connected experience accessed via its smart packaging. Created in partnership with digital experiences studio, Appetite Creative,...
SwissDeCode's A2 Inside Label that can authenticate and track the source of milk and dairy products

SwissDeCode launches A2 Inside label authenticating milk products

A Swiss food testing company SwissDeCode has launched the A2 INSIDE Label, which is intended to help end user to identify the efforts of dairy producers in guaranteeing authentic A2 milk products. The label...
AIPIA fall program 2021

AIPIA autumn 2021 events for supply chain, digitization & sustainability

Following the successful conclusion of its first live event since 2019 – the China Summit in Shanghai – AIPIA returns to the virtual stage for its two remaining Congresses for 2021. Both are carefully focused, covering the highly...
Kezzler and Farmsource are partnering to create a track-and-trace platform for food products

Kezzler & Farmforce partnership for end-to-end traceability

Kezzler, a leading AIPIA member providing traceability solutions, and Farmforce, a source of first mile data by large multinational corporations, have announced the creation of a new partnership for end-to-end Field-to-Fork traceability. Kezzler’s individual unit-level product data, combined...
JCB Labels have launched a new wine label using Avery Dennison's Smartrac and Suku's track and trace capability

JCB launches wine label using Avery Dennisor’s Smartrac

JCB Collection has launched a solution using AIPIA member Avery Dennison’s Smartrac technology combined with SUKU’s traceability and transparency solution for its Passion red wine, enabling consumers to tap their smartphone against a bottle's label and view videos, tasting note...
Nestlé will shortly launch a new Smart Seas special-edition of its confectionery brand Smarties in Europe it uses a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone for AR undersea experience

Nestlé dives into the sea for latest Smarties campaign

Nestlé will shortly launch a new Smart Seas special-edition of its confectionery brand Smarties in Europe. It comes in paper packaging with a theme of marine animals, available in four different designs, according to a report in Industry...
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