PDIT2 Innovation challenge and awards


A platform for start-up brands and designers to showcase their new products and share their case history of packaging development and the supply chain. Nominations are invited for the PDIT 2 Packaging Awards.



Design – excellence in graphics, print and illustrations;

Innovation – originality of format, convenience and idea; and

Technology – holistic system based development of material, process, and concept

Nominations to be accompanied by actual samples and short write-up describing the reason for nomination. All nominations to pay Rs 1000/- as competition fee. A max of six entries will be short-listed for Jury Presentation on the PDIT2 Conference Day.

Selected entries will be invited to make brief case history presentations — notes on the
the journey of the pack from original concept to shelf-display and the experience in between. A five member jury among the audience will select the award-winning packs.

To register and participate for the PDIT2 Packaging Awards, email your applications to Deepak Manchanda deepak.thepackagingconsortium@gmail.com, and Mandeep Kaur edit4@ippgroup.in.


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