Tetra Pak launches virtual marketplace for F&B manufacturers

Davos launch connects F&B producers with sellers around the world

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Tetra Pak has recently unveiled the food and beverage industry’s first full-scale virtual marketplace. The new platform, created using Mirakl SaaS Marketplace solutions, and claims to bring convenience and ease to the industry by making purchasing of products faster, more convenient, and more straightforward for producers.

Through this collaboration Mirakl will first-time work within the food and beverage sector, offering a service that will change how buyers and sellers operate. The marketplace will initially host more than 300,000 spare parts and consumables from Tetra Pak, adding 200,000 products for maintenance, repair, and operations from vetted sellers, offering customers access to a large variety of products.

The launch dramatically expands what Tetra Pak offers to its customers. According to the company press release, the marketplace, available 24 by 7, will host several vendors selling products within safety and security, industrial supplies, cleaning solutions, and other vital areas for food and beverage production. The number and variety of products will continue to grow as more vendors join the marketplace.

Klara Svedberg, vice president – part and consumables of Tetra Pak, said, “This is a completely new model and way of doing business for our industry. For the first time, we have a digital food and beverage marketplace at our fingertips. This will transform the way we serve our customers by connecting food and beverage manufacturers with leading sellers across the world. By simplifying and speeding up processes, the virtual marketplace will make purchasing more cost-efficient via a one-stop-shop solution. We invite our customers to take full advantage of this platform and look forward to hearing about their experiences.”

Klara Svedberg, vice president – part and consumables of Tetra Pak

Phillipe Corrot, chief executive officer of Mirakl commented, “Marketplaces are taking over the world of eCommerce. It’s about creating a shopping destination where buyers can get everything they need. The food and beverage industry needs a platform that will allow it to catch up with other sectors, and the combination of Tetra Pak’s unparalleled food and beverage expertise and our digital solutions means we can enhance the way food and beverage manufacturers do business.”

Iris Schmeckthal, chief executive officer, LAT&SGF GmbH, and Schmeckthal Group, one of the vendors on Tetra Pak’s marketplace, said, “The marketplace perfectly combines a high-quality, trusted company with modern technology. Schmeckthal chose to partner with Tetra Pak in their marketplace initiative as it is an exciting opportunity for us to grow in new areas.”

Tetra Pak is attending the World Economic Forum at Davos in collaboration with Mirakl to discuss the launch of the marketplace and its impact on the food and beverage sector. Germany is the first country to launch the marketplace in January 2020, later expanding in selected countries in Europe, then globally.


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