The PDIT2 Conference on 13 December is a knowledge event


It is a busy season with exhibitions and conferences around the country. For me, the last six weeks have been a hectic time – just returning from Labelexpo in Brussels, and K in Dusseldorf. In our country, the consumer product companies and the packaging suppliers are busy in meeting several commitments; and, attempting to revive growth at a time when there are many constraints. In this season of noise and atmospheric inversion, we are offering one more event on 13 December 2019 in New Delhi that you have to take a call on – to participate and attend.

You must be asking, is it really worth it to take time off and take part in one more talkfest? We think the Second Packaging Design, Innovation and Technology will be as stimulating as the first one we held in Mumbai in December 2016. The best time to think harder is when the economy is not driving you, and when you have to drive it yourself.

PDIT2 is not a generic conference with many sponsors giving sales pitches – it is an opportunity to intelligently take stock of the sustainability discussion, to present design innovation, new directions, and case studies, and to share – to share knowledge and take-home value. At PDIT2, IppStar and its partners are committed to discussions with designers, brand owners, technology partners, and packaging converters on innovation, sustainability, and Active and Intelligent Packaging. Three intertwined opportunities taking the industry forward.

Registrations have started coming in from leading global brand owners and leading Indian packaging suppliers. In our conferences, the articulate audience is as influential as the speakers and panelists at the front. We always keep plenty of time for discussion in every session. 

Speak up, share, and participate in the PDIT2 Conference at Pragati Maidan on 13 December 2019. In parallel to the conference are the pacprocess, food pex, and Drink Technology India exhibitions also at Pragati Maidan from 12 to 14 December. From the list of exhibitors, these events are looking solid and well worth your visit. I hope to talk to you in the coming days to encourage you to register and to bring something to share. Send me an eMail or call me if you want to talk. 

PDIT2 conference on 13 December 2019
PDIT2 conference on 13 December 2019


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