Fanta glows up the night with new ‘Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar’

Adding a new and exotic limited time only flavor

Fanta's new Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar flavor. Photo Coca Cola

Fanta is adding a new and exotic limited time only flavor to its vibrant family.

Inspired by the tropical fruit native to Mexico and Central America, Fanta Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar is a curious flavor combination that brings new meaning to colorful snacking with a slightly sweet taste reminiscent of kiwi, pear and watermelon and an electric pink glow.

Just like dragon fruit – which blooms at night – Fanta’s core consumers come out and shine in the dark. With its fluorescent pink hue, Fanta Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar is the perfect companion for those twilight hours after an electrifying concert, all-night gaming session with friends, or those inevitable late-night snack runs.

“We’re thrilled to be adding a new pop of color to Fanta’s roster,” said AP Chaney, Creative director, Sparkling Flavors, on the launch of Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar. “Fans love trying new flavors, especially flavors from around the world, and they know Fanta is a global brand. So, we’re bringing them a delicious, cool, exotic flavor they can experience with friends. Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar, with its exotic flavor combination and aesthetic appeal, can transport anyone, anywhere, to a refreshing locale full of fun possibilities.”
A caffeine-free, zero-calorie beverage made with 100% natural flavors and zero sugar, Fanta Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar debuted in February 2022 and is currently available to purchase at select retailers nationwide until 10 July 2022.
Whether hanging out in the neon valley of Times Square or in the retro glow of your local convenience store, Fanta Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar is here to glow up your next hijinks.


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