Paxiom introduces fully automated container filling and handling system

Complete filling and handling solution for food and non-food products

Paxiom container handing system

Global packaging machinery company, Paxiom Group’s Las Vegas Flagship Xperience Center, has added a fully automated container handling system to its showroom collection.
Paxiom’s vision for this system is to help food and non-food businesses to seamlessly weigh and fill products into rigid jars or containers, cap, induction seal, and label jars before they are loaded into cartons.

This system includes an unscrambling table, PrimoCombi multi-head combination scale, WeighPack container indexing conveyor, ValTara capping machine, induction sealing machine, labeling machine, EndFlex cartoning machine, and collecting table. It is capable of producing up to 25 end products every minute.

According to the company, the new addition is suitable for packaging containers with hardware, candy, chocolates, nuts, snacks, pharmaceuticals, powders, tablets, gel caps, medical cannabis, and much more.


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