PrimePackindia – an importer of packaging machines

A spectrum of Chinese machines displayed at PackPlus

Mehul Thakkar, director of PrimePackindia at PackPlus exhibition 2022. Photo PSA

Indore-based PrimePackindia has imported packaging machines and materials for small-scale industries and SMEs from China for over a decade. It supplies packaging machines required for pesticides, food, and stationery in India. These include form, filling and sealing, pasting, and labeling machines.

At the recently concluded PackPlus, the company displayed labeling, box strapping, smart inkjet printers, granule fillers, form filling and sealing, conveyors, and shrink tunnels machines. After importing the machines from China, it configures them according to the Indian customers’ needs. “We import and order the machines from China to develop the products as per the Indian requirement so that the machines can be used effectively and efficiently,” said Mehul Thakkar, director of PrimePackindia.

He added, “In comparison to the Indian market, China has enough volume to feed the world’s factories. It has automatization and quality, and still, Indians lag in these. Indians used to bring the lower category machines and faced problems. We are configuring the equipment as per requirements that may not exactly be to the US requirement, but as India has its standards we customize the machine so that it can be easily accepted in the market.”

On the expansion of the company’s activities, Thakkar stated, “We are firstly and slowly planning to open new offices in major cities of India. Additionally, we have bought 27,000 square feet of property in our city that we aim to use to build manufacturing facilities to assemble some of the products over here soon. Also, we are here in the PackPlus exhibition to improve our sales and build relationships and connections with new customers.”



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