Proseal’s tray sealing solutions for efficiency & sustainability at Asia Fruit Logistica-ON

Proseal – exhibiting as part of JBT

tray sealing
Proseal GT4s tray sealing machine

The efficiency and sustainability benefits that can be achieved with the latest tray sealing solutions will be the major focus of Proseal’s participation in this year’s Asia Fruit Logistica-ON, where the company will be exhibiting as part of JBT Corporation.

In particular, Proseal said it would highlight how its machines can ensure seal quality and maintain product freshness while using the minimum amount of plastic necessary.

In the UK, Europe, and North America, Proseal has been the driving force behind replacing traditional clam-shell punnets with top film tray sealed varieties, which reduces plastic consumption by up to 45%. With the introduction of non-plastic materials for trays, such as cardboard and the latest recyclable or home compostable materials, plastic usage can be further reduced by as much as 96%.

In addition, Proseal can offer additional plastic reductions with its unique Reflex Tooling, which provides savings through the reduction of the skeletal film waste of approximately 11%.

According to Proseal, all Proseal tray sealers feature a rugged and hygienic food industry-approved construction with washdown protection. A user-friendly menu-driven control panel with step-by-step prompts, error and status displays and batch pack counter ensures ease of set-up.

Proseal equipment will be shown alongside the wide range of equipment from JBT, which is geared to fresh produce, including fruit, exotic fruit, vegetables, and prepared meals.

The company’s post-harvest solutions can help preserve the appearance and quality of produce and apply Natural Branding using laser technology by LaserFood. Its FTNON products claim to provide robotic and streaming technologies, helping to prepare produce for packaging or further processing including, washing, de-coring, peeling, slicing, and mixing.

JBT also offers advanced fruit and juice processing solutions, with over 75% of the world’s citrus juices produced on JBT extractors. Its extensive range of equipment enables fruits, tropical fruits, and vegetables to be converted to purees, concentrates, nectars, or single-strength juice. The equipment covers extraction to filling and aseptic processing and AVURE technologies for High-Pressure Processing (HPP).

Founded in 1998, Proseal designs and manufactures high-quality tray sealing machines, conveyor systems, and sealing tools for food industry markets worldwide. Proseal is part of the JBT family, a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing industry, committed to providing a service that surpasses customer expectations. Alongside Proseal, the JBT presence at Asia Fruit Logistica-ON also includes FPT and FTNON.


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