Rage Coffee introduces crafted made-in-India glass jars

Focus on sustainability and make in India

Rage Coffee, a Delhi-based caffeine innovation FMCG company that manufactures, markets, and distributes innovative packaged caffeine.

Rage Coffee, a Delhi-based caffeine innovation FMCG company that manufactures, markets, and distributes innovative packaged caffeine related products, has launched its new, elegantly styled jars covered with what it says are vibrant and energy-inspiring brand colors.

The jars come crafted in a ‘V’- shaped frame, which represents the virtues of victory. According to the company, these jars, instilled with the winning attributes of Rage Coffee as a brand, reflect a Rage user’s true qualities, such as the ability to take risks, the zeal to dream, the passion to hustle, and the pure heart that cares for everyone and challenges every status quo for everything that is right.

The Rage Coffee team spent over a year in research and development and many trials to come up with these coffee glass jars. The company says this is a significant step since many frontrunners in the industry are still using jars that are imported from other countries. Another aspect of this new jar is its commitment to sustainability. It comes in a glass frame with a metal lid to keep the coffee airtight, completely fitting into the environment-friendly packaging segment.

Bharat Sethi, founder and CEO of Rage Coffee was quoted saying, “Rage Coffee is truly Indian. It is made in India and made for India. With the introduction of our new packaging jars, we have taken the reflection of our virtues as a brand and the reflection of our nation to another level. Being a consumer-backed company, we have always found innovative ways of giving back to the community and society. It is very difficult to experiment with new glass jar shapes, as the order quantities, R&D costs and the whole process is very difficult. We chose the road not taken and decided to sail against the wind and create something not done before in glass packaging”.

“These jars are vibrant and crafted for fueling victory for our community, called ‘Ragers’ who win and live a passionate life every day. We hope to represent passion, energy, and positivity through our new and sustainable, bold and 100% designed and manufactured in India.” Sethi said.

Rage Coffee, being one of the fastest growing FMCG brands in the country, also made an entry into the healthy snacking segment recently with the launch of three exciting new snacks with Rage snacks  – Coffee Peanut Bars, Caffeine Almond Bars, and Chocolate Oats Cookies. These products provide consumers with apt options in the healthy snacking category as all of them are gluten-free, crafted with natural premium ingredients and contain no preservatives or colorants. These snacks are very handy and have been created for the fitness age where they can be consumed on-the-go.

Rage Coffee is said to be India’s first 100% plant-powered coffee infused with six plant vitamins. Made using 100% Arabica beans sourced from some of India’s most renowned plantations, Rage Coffee comes in nine flavors. One of the fastest growing FMCG brands in India, the company is backed by ace Indian cricketer Virat Kohli.


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