5 subscription-based apps/platforms to enjoy a meal

Free yourself from the stress of grocery shopping, cutting, cooking, and cleaning

The Peri Peri Box from Fab Box Photo Fab Box

Who would not like a well-curated and compact box of yummy food delivered straight away to their doorstep? The meal subscription box is a moderately unique idea in India. Today, we’ve come up with the best of the best meal subscription boxes that you can subscribe to every month. 


Sprink.Online is a tech-advanced meal subscription app/platform that enables users to subscribe to multi-cuisine, flexible meal plans and schedule daily meals in just a few clicks. Sprink intends to take out the mealtime stress by bringing in quality, hygienic, affordable, freshly cooked meals to everyone at zero delivery fee. In today’s times, when people are hard-pressed for time or lack proper structure for cooking, Sprink helps its customers lead a better life by freeing them from all the stress of grocery shopping, cutting, cooking, and cleaning that goes in the kitchen, so that they can focus on more important things in their life.

The company’s tech-driven approach in the back end and expertise in operations gives it the advantage to create a seamless experience per individual. It serves as a holistic solution for many direct clients who need more meals in a day. Created and led by a team of chefs, industry experts, and food lovers, Sprink’s meal subscription makes daily meals more accessible and affordable.

Masala Box

Masala Box is a platform for delivering home-cooked meals and homemade foods at your doorsteps. Every platter of meals served by Masala Box is cooked using fresh, locally sourced produce in a home kitchen similar to yours with regional, authentic recipes by people with a passion for cooking.

Fab Box

Fab Box was started in 2015 as a subscription box company and gradually, backed by public demand, turned into a full-fledged eCommerce store that enables you to enjoy snacks in an even easier way! Starting from a godown startup in 2015 and selling about 20 snacks to a company serving over 70 snacks to more than 20,000 customers and conglomerates, Fab Box has now come a long way in fulfilling the aim to make India healthier. 

Oota Box

Oota Box is a house-cooked food network of more than 8,000 homes, well-documented kitchens, and a fellowship of skilled chefs & bingers. Moreover, Oota Box has been associated with home-makers in more than 70 locations who like to cook and serve. The meal is cooked in their very own houses, and they put in all the effort to make the food fresh, hot, healthy, and hygienic in a neatly packed meal box.


Scriberr provides a platform for other subscription boxes to come collectively. Some of the well-known brands include La Frux, Flicbox, Tea Box, Snackible Box. These brands, along with many, display their products on Scriberr. One can easily choose from juices, snacks, chocolate boxes, teas, and even healthy meal boxes.


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