Biorigin introduces Bioenhance natural flavors

Natural and non-GMO flavors

Image: Hue12 photography on Unsplash

Increased consumer demand for clean, natural ingredients pressures food manufacturers to look for safe, natural alternatives to replace artificial flavors, and that could balance overall flavor profile of food products and at the same time could also deliver a health appeal by playing an important role in reducing salt and sugar content.

The rising trend for natural and clean ingredients open opportunities to explore the potential of plant-based flavor enhancers. Biorigin has introduced Bioenhance natural flavors to enhance the taste and add health to clean label recipes.

Natural fermented plant-based solution

Bioenhance SFE 101 and SFE 201 are a versatile fermented plant-based solution that offer a taste profile that help to bring a clean, savory, intense umami and mouthfeel impact to recipes. Besides the taste, it also helps to balance the clean label initiatives and health appeal.

Clean and health-appeal

Bioenhance is a clean label solution suitable for all less/low/no added claims from salt, sugar, fat, and others. It compensates the loss of taste of recipes reduced in sodium or sugar by balancing the overall taste of a wide range of foods and beverages like soups, broths, sauces, snacks, dairy, sweet, plant-based formulation, and others.

Bioenhance contributes to mask off unwanted flavors like plant-based protein.


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