Bon Fiction chocolate creates the finest chocolate from cacao

Indian tree to bar chocolates crafted to seamlessly blend Indian agro heritage with international expertize

Bon Fiction chocolates
Bon Fiction chocolates, the Indian tree to bar chocolates that are crafted to seamlessly blend Indian agro heritage with international expertize.

The spirited and driven couple behind the brand is the key ingredient that makes Bon Fiction superior to any other chocolate. They were determined to create the finest chocolates from cacao grown, fermented and crafted entirely in India. “We constantly asked ourselves every time we came up with something, ‘Is this a chocolate we would buy again if we ate it somewhere else and that has been the guiding light that helped us in our multiple experiments to craft Bon Fiction.”

Akhil and Prathina have always had a keen interest in the agricultural industry, having grown up around the fertile region on the banks of the river Godavari. Their family-owned plantations became the perfect launchpad for their dreams when they decided to tap into the agriculture sector’s infinite potential. It is a well-known fact that India is an agrarian economy, yet there is a massive demand for the skilled usage and application of the crops cultivated. India produces large quantities of cacao, yet there is a dearth of good chocolate made on Indian soil. Most people always import chocolates from abroad or wait for a family member or friend to bring them from their trips to exotic locales. The entrepreneur duo are devoted to bridging the gap between cacao cultivation and manufacturing high-quality chocolate with their brand Bon Fiction.

Bon is the French word for ‘Good,’ just as the name suggests Bon Fiction is good quality chocolate that will swiftly do away with your need to buy foreign-made chocolates when you can purchase these delectable bars within India. 300 trials came up with 14 unique chocolate flavors that promise to invigorate the senses. Akhil and Prathina both have a background in business and management but were keen to build something of their own that excited and challenged them. They began the Bon Fiction voyage by attending lectures and training in chocolate making while also educating themselves on the machinery needed to ferment and treat the cacao to turn it into chocolate. Their initial experiments were carried out by just the two of them as they labored to learn the ropes of fermenting and processing the cacao bean, and as they progressed, their team also grew. They finally created 14 distinct and delightful flavors by combining unique ingredients with the cacao they source exclusively from the Godavari region.


It took the team almost three years of acquiring mastery over each step involved in the tree to bar cycle to identify the most optimal conditions to create high-quality chocolate from Indian cacao. Prathina holds a level 2 certification as a chocolate taster from IICCT, which gives her the technical edge while assessing their products for quality control.

The best of ingredients backed by the best of tech and the very best team have come together to gift the world Bon Fiction. The brand’s ethos is to create sustainable systems where the farmers that cultivate their cacao are fairly remunerated for their hard work. The chocolates use entirely natural ingredients and are perfect for today’s highly aware and educated consumer. Bon Fiction is a labor of love that promises to bust the myth that good international quality chocolate cannot be made in India. Sink your teeth into a bar and learn for yourself.


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