Flexpress 10000 from Uflex Engineering in Q4 of FY 2021-22

Filling and packaging 10,000 aseptic liquid packs an hour

FlexPress 10000 Servo Control Liquid filling Machine for Liquid Packaging.

The UFlex engineering Business has now developed a faster aseptic liquid filling and sealing machine called the Flexpress 10000 Servo Control Liquid Filling Machine for Aseptic Liquid Packaging. With the burgeoning demand for packed beverages like juice, dairy products and alcohol burgeoning, the need for fast movement of supply chain operations including quick production has become non-negotiable.

To meet this growing demand, UFlex has developed the servo powered liquid filling machine Flexpress 10000 with the capacity to pack 10,000 aseptic liquid packs in an hour. The machine is equipped with a user-friendly Human Interface Module (HMI) integrated with an advanced Programmable Logic controller (PLC) system that facilitates easy operations. The USP of this machine is its main drive system which is aided by high-end water-cooled servo motors that provide the flexibility to manage a multiple volume range, quick change-over time, and prevent wear and tear of the machine. Since its launch, the machine has been generating excellent interest from brands with two machines already installed and several more being readied in the supply pipeline.

Meanwhile the Uflex Asepto plant in Sanand in Gujarat has also installed its second line Heidelberg Gallus flexo line for producing aseptic liquid packaging laminates. This line which is part of the doubling of capacity at Sanand was under trial and commissioning in the second half of FY2021-22.


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