Forestwise launches Refined Organic Illipe Butter

New sales manager Richard to help the company grow globally

Forestwise's RBD Illipe butter has minimal effect on the fragrance and color of formulations, yet delivers maximum benefits. Photo - Forestwise

Forestwise, a supplier of raw ingredients that are sustainably sourced from Indonesian rainforests, now offers organic- and Fair for Life-certified, refined, bleached, and deodorized (RBD) Illipe butter. The removal of color and odor from Illipe butter allows it to be used with minimal effect on the fragrance and color of personal care and cosmetics formulations.

Founded in 2018, Forestwise has an office in the Netherlands and production facilities in Sintang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Theo Smits, founder and chief technical officer of Forestwise, explained, “Our line of RBD Illipe butter was created in response to manufacturers’ demand for Illipe butter that has little impact on the fragrance, color, and most importantly, the formulation of products. With this product launch, we not only broaden the appeal of Illipe butter as an ingredient, but also further our mission to stop deforestation by developing a market for valuable rainforest products.”

Pressed from the nuts of the Shorea Stenoptera trees growing in Borneo’s forests, Illipe butter has been used for centuries by locals to moisturize the skin and heal sores and sunburns. RBD Illipe butter holds the same properties as Forestwise’s original line of Illipe butter, namely, its moisturizing efficacy and high melting point, that allows the butter to be applied in a broader range of formulations.

RBD Illipe butter contains only a negligible amount of free fatty acids; therefore, any possible chemical reactions with other ingredients in formulations are minimized. The low odor grade ingredient can also be used at higher concentration levels in body butters and other similar skin care products. Additionally, manufacturers that formulate with Forestwise’s RBD Illipe butter can include sustainability claims on their products. The ingredient is certified USDA Organic, and Fair for Life and EU Organic by Ecocert.

Richard Eyles, sales manager at Forestwise

As part of its efforts to develop a market for effective, natural ingredients from the rainforest, Forestwise recently appointed Richard Eyles as sales manager. With decades of experience under his belt in developing specialty oils sales for personal care and other related industries, Richard will help the company grow globally. He is based in the United Kingdom.

Speaking from his familiarity with the demands of the personal care market, Richard expressed, “I’m delighted to join a young company at the beginning of its journey. Forestwise holds sustainability at the heart of its values — our wild harvesting efforts help to prevent deforestation in Borneo by empowering the local people to protect their rainforest.”

Opening doors for local villagers

Forestwise has an agreement with the villages in Borneo, where the company will continue purchasing Illipe nuts from local farmers in exchange for the villagers’ commitment to not cut down endangered Shorea Stenoptera trees. This arrangement encourages personal ownership over the rainforest, further protecting it from monoculture plantation practices.

Forestwise helps to maintain the wild rainforest by empowering villagers to protect and conserve what’s theirs. In doing so, Forestwise generates employment and income for local inhabitants.

Forestwise currently contracts over 700 farmers in 27 different villages in Borneo to collect Illipe nuts. By working with Forestwise, an Illipe nut collector can earn an additional income that is six times his average monthly salary, within just two months. Considering the Illipe nut’s three-year growing season, this works out to a 17% increase in annual income for the farmers, which has helped fund education and home improvement needs.

Participation in upcoming events

In the final quarter of 2020, Forestwise will participate in several key industry events, starting with in-cosmetics Virtual (6 to 8 October). The company was recognized for its efforts to champion sustainable practices and is a nominee for the Green Ingredient Award 2020 held by in-cosmetics Global.

Forestwise will also share more about its ongoing efforts to maximize the company’s huge social and sustainable impact through its products at the virtual edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit on 4 November, at 10.35 am (CET).

Forestwise’s range of products includes Buah Merah oil, Kukui Nut oil (or Kemiri oil), Virgin Coconut oil (cold-pressed and unrefined), organic Arenga Rainforest sugar, and organic Coconut sugar.


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