GEA a strategic partner in producing meat-free products

Consumers are looking to replace meat products with a Vegan diet

Consumers prefer meat alternatives that mimic the meat product they are used to. GEA provides the entire technology portfolio and know-how, from extracting protein from plant material and processing the mixture of high-quality ingredients. Photo - GEA

Today many consumers are looking to replace meat products in some of their meals or completely commit to a vegetarian or vegan diet. How can food manufacturers step into this segment and seize opportunities offered by new markets? In the dynamically growing New Food market, GEA already has a unique position and knows how to meet this growing demand reliably, consistently, efficiently and in a sustainable way. Therefore, New Food is one of seven strategic levers, which drive GEA’s growth strategy Mission 26 for the next five years.

GEA, one of the leading suppliers of processing and packaging solutions for food, is able to deliver the complete technology portfolio, based on proven testing and significant experience from extracting protein from the plant material and processing the mixture of high-quality ingredients. GEA offers much more than high-tech machines from extracting – mixing – forming – coating – frying – cooking – cooling to packaging. The company is a strategic partner to the food industry and develops together with its customers’ new meat-free products and creates integrated process solutions that perfectly fit the processing needs.

Meet consumer expectations

Today consumers prefer meat alternatives that mimic what they are used to – whether that’s a burger, chicken strips or sausages. And this means coming as close as possible to expectations regarding appearance, taste, mouthfeel, juiciness, and flavour. To ensure that

Meat replacement patty for a veggie burger: The step into the meet-free market succeeds with state of the art process technology and know-how about texture and combination of the right ingredients
photo – GEA

taste and juiciness of meat replacement products mimic the meat structure repeatedly, know-how about food ingredients, process and process control is key. The way in which the basic ingredients like water, fat and different dry matters are bound in the preparation part, is crucial to the success of the further processing part.

GEA finds a unique combination of ingredients, technology, and process solution

In the meat-free segment customers’ needs are different compared to the demands of the original meat processing business, explains Marcel Janssen, vice president, Product Management and Sales at GEA. “This has to do with a large number of different ingredients for meat-free products. It is no longer sufficient just to provide the right technology. In-depth expertise and experience with all types of food and raw materials that go into this production are needed. GEA has this expertise and offers food producers the possibility to work hand in hand at our different technology centres, either in person or remotely, to determine the optimal combination of ingredients, equipment and line set-up. Furthermore, in our technology centres, we can transition from a laboratory environment to industrial production.”

Test before investing

This important option of testing eliminates much of the risk producers would otherwise face when scaling up their production. As a result, they get their product to market more quickly and avoid costly changes later. And thanks to a robust global supply chain, GEA ensures businesses, regardless of size, can scale up to reliable and robust production – quickly and effectively.

Marcel Janssen concludes: “It’s absolutely vital for processors not just to extend their

Meat replacements that mimic chicken nuggets. GEA is a strategic partner to the food industry and develops together with its customers’ individual meat-free products and creates integrated process solutions that perfectly fit the processing needs
Photo – GEA

production facilities for the additional meat-free product in their product range but also to find a solution that provides maximum flexibility, control and the best possible yield to ensure profit margins are maintained or even improved.”

Participate in the vegetarian market

For more than 25 years GEA has been a trustworthy technology partner for the preparation and further processing of meat-alternative and vegetable-based products. Experts from the company participate at international conferences and summits, like the upcoming Bridge2Food Research Conference concerning Plant-Based Foods & Proteins, which will take place virtually from 19 – 20 October. Additionally GEA regularly shares their deep insights by organizing well-booked webinars, like “Are you ready for the meat alternative revolution?” which are also subsequently available online to customers and interested parties on GEA’s website.


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