Godrej Yummiez expands heat-and-eat range

Launches new Gravy and Paratha variants

Godrej Yummiez
Godrej Yummiez launches new Gravy and Paratha variants. Photo Godrej Tyson Foods

Godrej Yummiez has launched frozen whole wheat-based Lachha and Tawa Paratha which comes with a shelf-life of nine months. Under the heat-and-eat range, the brand has also introduced two of the most loved and scrumptious gravies from traditional Indian cuisine – Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala. 

Commenting on the launch, Prashant Vatkar, chief executive officer of Godrej Tyson Foods, said, ” The Indian household and palates are still recalibrating post the pandemic. Mealtimes and snacking are more and more turning into bonding time. Godrej Yummiez has always delivered on its promise to deliver to consumers the taste and experience of a fine-dine restaurant at the convenience of their home. With the launch of the  whole wheat-based  Lachha and Tawa Paratha as well as the Butter Chicken  and Chicken Tikka Masala Gravy, we are expanding our  diverse portfolio to include renowned Indian cuisine options.”

The range that Godrej Yummiez provides is immense – from desi kababs-tikkas to exotic sausage-salamis that melt in one’s mouth, to smooth cheese corn nuggets to spicy masala burger patty which are like little slices of heaven, there is something for everyone from Yummiez!

Godrej Yummiez
Godrej Yummiez launches new Gravy and Paratha variants. Photo Godrej Tyson Foods

With the launch of parathas that are easy to make, and filled with the goodness of whole wheat, Yummiez’s new range strikes a balance in both taste and health. The heat-and-eat Butter Chicken Gravy and Chicken Tikka Masala Gravy are created to experience the authentic taste and texture of the cuisine. It is therefore an ‘indulgence packed with goodness’ for every foodie out there.

The nutritionally rich and tasty gravies come in a microwavable tray, which makes them easy to consume. To ensure the highest quality standards in taste, hygiene, and health, all Yummiez products are frozen with the IQF or individually quick frozen technology. With IQF there is a minimal formation of ice crystals, and this helps the product to keep its texture until first defrost. Thus, making frozen one of the best forms of fresh.

Godrej Food Trends Report 2021

The fourth edition of Godrej Food Trends Report 2021, said to be one of the most respected compendium of food trends, had predicted 2021 to be the year of renaissance for Indian regional cuisines. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has transformed the home kitchen from a cooking space to a social space. However, with restrictions on dining out and pressure on work-life balance, food consumption in the home is now governed by time, money, convenience, and availability of ingredients.

With the sphere of activity drastically restricted due to the pandemic, consumers today have learnt to appreciate ‘homemade’, gained a newfound respect for ‘local’, and acquired a heightened awareness and interest in ‘regional flavors’. Home kitchens have rediscovered and reclaimed their histories through their community cuisines, while restaurant chefs used this time to travel and discover ethnic cuisines of the different micro-regions.

By providing a convenient meal solution that takes only a few minutes for preparation without an iota of compromise on the taste and texture of the food served at their favorite fine dining restaurants, Indian consumers are looking at relishing their favorite recipes and snacks at home. 

The new Parantha and Gravy range are now available across metro cities and tier-1 cities through leading eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Godrej Tyson Foods (GTFL) is a joint venture of ‘Godrej Agrovet’ and ‘Tyson Foods, USA’ since 2008. Godrej Tyson Foods offers great tasting, safe and affordable protein products through household favorite brands ‘Real Good Chicken’ and ‘Yummiez’. It caters to India’s expanding food industry, quick service restaurants, and the universe of modern retailers, with innovative food solutions at world-class standards, customized for local tastes.


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