Herba Ingredients’ new range of pulse protein & flour ingredients

Herba Ingredients to exhibit at FI Europe Connect 2020

Herba Ingredients
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Netherland-based Herba Ingredients is the allergen-free ingredients division of the Ebro Group, a global food manufacturer in the rice and pasta industry. Herba Ingredients’ mission lies in the research, development, production, and commercialization of added value ingredients intended for different nutritional and functional uses in the food industry. The company’s focus is to meet the consumer demands for allergen-free, natural ingredients based on different crops (rice, grains, and pulses).

Herba says its technicians in the different R & D centers worldwide are continually working on developing new innovative and allergen-free ingredients for the food and pet food industry. Key aspects of this quest are health, functionality, sustainability, and clean label. The company’s journey covers fundamental ingredients research, pilot upscaling, and in-depth application work to present a complete solution to its clientele.

The company offers solutions for plant-based protein and flour solutions, sustainable and allergen-free meat replacers. The company brings a new range of pulse protein and flour ingredients produced at Herba Ingredients.

HerbaPRO natural allergen-free protein concentrates from yellow pea and faba bean, available in conventional and organic versions, claims to offer plenty of functionalities and nutritional benefits for a broad range of food applications.

HerbaTEX is a brand new innovative line of natural textured protein based on pea and faba bean with a great texture and taste, outstanding for many vegan dishes and hybrid meat approaches.

HerbaPULS clean-label pulse flours from pea, chickpea, faba bean, or lentil provide nutritional and functional characteristics applicable in a wide range of food applications. The range includes products in native, organic, and pregelatinized form.

Herba Ingredients also exhibits at FI Europe Connect from 24 November to 4 December 2020.


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